Friday, July 1, 2011

Thrift - Lots of Plastic

Oh dear, I have so many posts to catch up on...

Here's a short one for today. I've actually been restraining myself & only picking up things that are decent. Plus, it seems to be a slow couple of weeks at the stores. Guess, with the vacations starting and it being a holiday weekend. Stopped at three stores but only found something in two.

Miraculously, found all of this at GoodWill (I never have luck here) Four white plastic Heller plates & two bowls designed by Massimo Vignelli. Excellent condition. Circa 1970-80's.

In addition, almost missed these seven LaGardo Tackett, what I believe to be blue stripe Sundae bowls, marked Schmid Porcelain. Circa 1960's. I was delighted to find these as Tackett is one of my fave designers. Green Pyrex long baking dish in mint condition for me (we use it all the time but I caught the hubby loading it into the dishwasher). So much prettier than the clear ones. Passed on a few Pyrex pieces as they weren't bargains, I didn't care for the patterns and I certainly don't need them.

From another thrift, I found this yellow plastic salad bowl set by Eric Kold. Made in Denmark. Circa 1970's. Looked and looked for the salad utensils but couldn't find them. For sale on my Etsy site

Will have to work on listing more items on Etsy as I have endless amounts of stuff!

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