Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thrift - Americana Pyrex & Perch!

Stopped by the GoodWill near my house and have never found much of anything there in the past. Usually the place is just full of plastic and old electronics but today was different. Paid a lot for the set of 3 Americana Pyrex bowls (one bowl missing) & divided casserole dish (lid missing) but this is the pattern I collect. Actually, this GoodWill always has lots of Pyrex but I don't think people buy them 'cause of the condition and high prices.

Pair of Boyton cat mugs and yet another FTD rainbow mug.

I knew instantly what the white ceramic ellipse's a bird feeder handmade in Brooklyn, NY by Perch! Because when I was looking for a modern bird feeder I considered this option. SOLD

St. Andrews Abbey plaque. Still bears the original label "St. Catherine of Sienna. I found a larger one a few months back. Probably not more than 10 years old. For Sale

I haven't found anything Finnish in ages so I was excited to see these Iittala 'Ballo' votive candle holders with label, designed by Annaleena Hakatie in 1995. SOLD

A plant pot with an interesting turquoise glaze. Signed Atlantic Mold. It's not worth anything but I put my little root bound succulent in it, I think she's much happier now!

Three decorative glass cube floaters probably from Japan, circa 1950-60. That I have found out are highly collectible. For Sale Little teak rabbit that needs some love.

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