Friday, July 8, 2011

Thrift - Pretty in Pink & Krenit Bowl

Still slow at thrift stores but how could I resist this pair of "Pretty in Pink" Glasbake square cups. Picked up this near mint, signed & hand painted Russian lacquer box, I'm not familiar with these but I thought it was rather nice. Three 1960's yellow rose cloth napkins by Vera. I looked high and low for the fourth napkin and a tablecloth.

A Franciscan side plate, this is our pattern so it'll replace any chipped or broken plates. Deer glass to add to my 10 plus year collection. Someone told me these were promotion glasses for Exxon. Probably after the Valdez Oil Spill, hah, the irony. Bodum creamer and coasters. I bet someone bought the coffee glasses and left the coasters (I picked up a set in Denmark)

Found this 50-60's pale robins egg blue Krenit bowl, made in Denmark. It's the first time I've ever see Krenit outside of an auction. The interior is worn and there are 2 chips to the rim.

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