Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thrift - Szzzzzz

Not much today. Brown metal gooseneck piano lamp with white piping. Looking at the plug probably from the 70s. 1980's W. German 18 hours glass insulated thermos marked Dr. Zimmermann, Bad Hersfeld, Design: Rido Busse.  mark$59

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thrift - Sign of Better Times?

Small grass lampshade and white lotus bowl. Little German Steinbach chef ornament. Adorable owl string art. Brio car missing three people (I can't resist wood toys) Handmade inscribed vase signed Wright '72.

Finally found something Danish! Honestly, I can't remember the last time? It's a small salt dish by Knapstup, Denmark. Going to Rachel since she collects these thanks to me! I even brought her back some from Denmark :)

Orange sewing box made by Wilson of Sunbury PA-thought my sister asked for one? And a metal storage box. Someone donated an old office. Most of the items where steel and made in Ohio. And you ask where all the jobs have gone?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Estate - Golf Course

This morning, I went to an estate sale on a golf course. As I understand the woman worked for the White House-I believe the EPA (which is funny in itself-see later) and the husband worked for the railroads. I'm going to assume they were Republicans because of all the photos of Reagan, W and Dick Cheney on the walls (creepy weird homage) not to mention the literature. They were also the most boring people in the world. Everything in the house was bleh! So much money and not a penny of it spent-hey, other folks made that complaint.

Her entire wardrobe was Chicos and Talbots (I swear people in my area must be making those stores rich...zzzz...sorry, fell asleep). She owned 50 pairs of Ferragamos, every one was black and looked the same. They were so boring her feet must have fallen asleep. And who buys all of the same brand? If I were going to spend $500 on a pair they better have some zip to 'em! Now, I know working in the White House means dressing like you have cotton wool in your head but one does get off work at some point.

Do you think they ever let their hair down, maybe got a little wild? (well, it wasn't in the bedroom, szzzzzz) They must be rolling $$$ 'cause it doesn't look like they traveled (oh, that would be too exciting) or spent money furnishing or decorating the house. For Gods Sake, they even used free EPA work mugs in their kitchen!

The kitchen was crap but people sure were busy buying Tostitos, plastic spoons, wine and liquor?

The only thing I picked up (for my sister) was a gaudy tweed wool Pendleton of Oregon "Knockabout" men's women's blazer-or at least, I think, it's mens?

Fortunately, the house was in my neighborhood so no gas wasted just $8.40 for the jacket and my time looking at their boring ass crap. Returned home to catch some zzzzzs.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Keel You

See the bloody finger and the candid of the culprit next to it? I'm positive the neighbors thought I was getting murdered since he wouldn't let go for 5 minutes but instead clamped down harder by grinding his teeth. The only reason he let go is he was choking on my blood! Below your see the little bugger trying to hide and then making an quick escape.

Thrift - More of the Blahs

Well, I'd call todays thrifts a bust except for the leather camera case by Coast, made in USA. Sure my sister will want it.

Chia Pet-esque pot that is a rip-off off Lisa Larsons cat but still cute SOLD. Glass jar with cork lid. Yet another English tin SOLD. And a Dansk pot lid...because I hoping the rest of it will show up...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Reference - Haba Horse

Found this wood Haba horse with metal tag to chest, unable to find any info myself, I decided to email Haba. Below is their response.

It was not that easy to find some information about it because this item does not exist in our system any more.

Our designer, who has been working for HABA since 1975, could help me:

This horse was drawn in 1971 by our designer Wolfgang Reichel from Coburg and it was shown in our HABA catalog in 1972 for the first time. We had 2 different horses: one with a length of 16 cm (item #1200) and another one with 19 cm (item #1270). This horse has been produced until 1978. As far as we know right now, the company has fixed the small tin-plate signs with the angel (named after a former employee of the company Anton Engel) until 1975. Consequentially, this horse has been produced between 1972 and 1974.

Attached I send you a picture from our catalog 1972.

My thanks to Silke and Tina for all their efforts

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thrift - Drought Continues

Only went to my a fave thrift store this morning. Arrived early too. Didn't make a difference. Shelves are still bare. English tin, third piece of "Pottery Craft" I've ever found in the wild and a pair of Tupperware bowls for me. Plus, a small silver plated/chrome Dansk bear designed by Gunnar Cyren, made in Japan.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Thift - Drought

So I made a long trek to 7 thrift stores I frequent every month or so. Shelves were empty-I mean 20 items on the shelf and they were broken or pieces of Ziploc plastic. Above is an English tin, a Scandinavian style mug and a Kilborn Aloha cat mug.

I have been finding a lot of scarves lately? For my sister I picked up a ladybug Vera Flowerpot scarf, 70-80s silk Vera neck scarf, a huge 1960s polka dot Echo, Japan silk scarf and graphic Galla Japan scarf. Had to pass on a very cute silk Vera scarf because of a multitude of yellow stains-unsure could be washed out.

Finally "The Four Musicians of Bremen" wall hanging in mint condition, probably German. The style reminds me of Marimekko fabrics, love the red mushrooms and foliage.

The last two photos are things I passed. A 1990 Bodum box set designed by Carsten Jorgensen except mine had the creamer and sugar but was missing 4 coaster. Too pricey. And last thing was the "Dish Doctor" designed in 1997 by Marc Newson for Magis, Italy. Had wear around the rim of the utensil holders maybe a mistake to pass?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Toilet Mercy

Do not eat this if you want to save your toilet! It tastes disgusting too! Gluton-Free my ass!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Estate - More Chemex

Wasted lots of gas this morning going to the crappiest crap estate sales. Returned to one from last week. German woman was a hoarder...of mugs...ugly ones. I think, she might have been a teacher. I restrained myself from picking up 3 Boynton cat mugs.

The next had hellish parking full of honking horns and screaming people. I headed for the kitchen and saw a price of $5 for a plain ole mug and had that sinking feeling. Lots of old fashioned froo froo items not to my taste but I did find a box of small indent Christmas balls. Climbed a shaky stool to grab a Chemex with handle above the fridge. I shouldn't have left the box of filters, dang.

Headed to a 3 thrift/consignment stores in the area. Now these are in one of the wealthiest areas in the country and these places have the same junk I find in other areas. Do rich people not donate? At one, I found everything below. I can't resist wood Polish dolls. Ducks logo teak Dansk cheese board with hidden knife. A heavy corked pot signed "Anna Hogberg, Sweden 1991" Plus, pair small 1975 Vignelli for Heller glass souffle bowls/ramekin.$20ea

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thrift - GoodWill Was Closed!

Still slow at the thrifts, sigh. Grabbed this unused box of 1988 MOMA cookies cutters after I paid and was walking out the door. Two yards of John Deere flannel fabric 'cause I love their graphic fabrics.

Sasaki "Colorstone" designed by MassimoVignelli in 1985 (Heller plates) black matte creamer and sugar. I have a lot of plates and cups I need to sell too. And a "Keep Calm and Carry On" tea towel design from a British war time poster.

Stopped by GoodW but it was closed? lights off and everything?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thrift - Alert Computer Nerds!

Gsus, picked up some crap today looking at these photos! Visited the usual 3 haunts. At my fave store found a repro "Le Chat" Taylor & Ng mug. SOLD.

Baby theme illustrated tile from 1979 but I can't read the signature. Don't know why I picked it up? Snoopy heart box. Pair Joan Walsh Anglund mugs. Pair copper/brass candle holders stamped Mexico. Tupperware cups for me.

Thrifts seem to be picking up with stock, not great stuff but at least shelves aren't empty. GWill was packed with people!

Coke glass, duh? Fake Boda snowball. Beverly Guhl an illustrator better know for her cats but I liked the graphic elephant computer mug. Hubby claimed it. Red Turkish pot. Rainbow mug. "Down on the Farm" glasses minty! For Sale.

The last picture of upside down Coke glasses "7-UP" was a bad purchase, sigh, sometimes I have to wonder at myself?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thrift - German Barometer & Vera Scarves

Stopped by three thrifts on the way to my moms. At the first I picked up the tiny green turkish pot, a polka dot polyester Vera scarf for the sister and a silk Vera corn on husks scarf also for the sister. And how could I resist the cute little German barometer. The German woman running the thrift explained if the woman came through the door it meant good weather for the following day and if the man with raincoat and umbrella came through it meant rain for the following day.

At GoodW. I found the lotus bowl but passed on a huge Circus themed cookie jar hand-painted in Italy. The sticker on the bottom said "Made in Italy for Saks Fifth Avenue" (prob. early 80's) It was in excellent shape with the top being the round tent topped by a flag. (I really need a camera phone to tweet pics) I put it down cause the thought of packing it scared me. Two minutes later, I looked back to see an overly excited white dude holding it. Hmm, I think I made a mistake. The last thrift was a bust. I still miss that cookie jar.

Mom went to an estate sale and picked up a Rosti Denmark pitcher and utensils. Dunoon Scotland mug. And another plastic desk organizer SOLD.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thrift - Bennington Trigger Mug

Decided I was going to be there when stores opened today. Was 40 minutes late! The 3 bay rosewood wall unit was at the old biddy shop for $320 or $350. It looks smaller than Danish pieces and there are no markings - turns out it was from Yugoslavia. I thought the price was fair but no bargain considering it's a thrift store. Took a photo but I think the camera is broken?

But I did find a 5.5" Dala horse by Nils Olsson, Sweden which was not cheap SOLD. A Japanese Kokeshi doll with two character stamps SOLD

For my sister, I picked up a 1960's wood box fish purse made in Japan-it's missing the handle and snap but I couldn't resist the graphic fish. Found her a orange red litho tin cigarette box that I thought she could use for props, it's marked "Ardath Tobacco Co. London, Leeds & Dublin." Reminded me of London's old telephone boxes.

Can you believe, I found not one thing at my fave thrift store! It was bare bones too.

At GWill I found a Bennington Potters, Vermont "Smithsonian Institution" Trigger mug, a first! It has two glaze pops that have stained the rim. I passed on a pair of small white Starbucks mugs, a mistake? And last, for $3 a heavy maple cutting board for myself. All in all, I'm pleased with today's finds. Here's hoping for more good luck.