Friday, January 20, 2012

Estate - More Chemex

Wasted lots of gas this morning going to the crappiest crap estate sales. Returned to one from last week. German woman was a hoarder...of mugs...ugly ones. I think, she might have been a teacher. I restrained myself from picking up 3 Boynton cat mugs.

The next had hellish parking full of honking horns and screaming people. I headed for the kitchen and saw a price of $5 for a plain ole mug and had that sinking feeling. Lots of old fashioned froo froo items not to my taste but I did find a box of small indent Christmas balls. Climbed a shaky stool to grab a Chemex with handle above the fridge. I shouldn't have left the box of filters, dang.

Headed to a 3 thrift/consignment stores in the area. Now these are in one of the wealthiest areas in the country and these places have the same junk I find in other areas. Do rich people not donate? At one, I found everything below. I can't resist wood Polish dolls. Ducks logo teak Dansk cheese board with hidden knife. A heavy corked pot signed "Anna Hogberg, Sweden 1991" Plus, pair small 1975 Vignelli for Heller glass souffle bowls/ramekin.$20ea

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