Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thrift - German Barometer & Vera Scarves

Stopped by three thrifts on the way to my moms. At the first I picked up the tiny green turkish pot, a polka dot polyester Vera scarf for the sister and a silk Vera corn on husks scarf also for the sister. And how could I resist the cute little German barometer. The German woman running the thrift explained if the woman came through the door it meant good weather for the following day and if the man with raincoat and umbrella came through it meant rain for the following day.

At GoodW. I found the lotus bowl but passed on a huge Circus themed cookie jar hand-painted in Italy. The sticker on the bottom said "Made in Italy for Saks Fifth Avenue" (prob. early 80's) It was in excellent shape with the top being the round tent topped by a flag. (I really need a camera phone to tweet pics) I put it down cause the thought of packing it scared me. Two minutes later, I looked back to see an overly excited white dude holding it. Hmm, I think I made a mistake. The last thrift was a bust. I still miss that cookie jar.

Mom went to an estate sale and picked up a Rosti Denmark pitcher and utensils. Dunoon Scotland mug. And another plastic desk organizer SOLD.


  1. Cool finds! I haven't found Vera in awhile, I dunno what happened. It's like at the thrifts we visit, all of the sudden the pickers were clued into Vera. Before, I used to find quite a bit!

  2. Thanks! I'm always surprised when I find Vera now since EVERYONE knows. 4 or 5 years ago we used to find the super cute Vera all the time.