Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thrift - Alert Computer Nerds!

Gsus, picked up some crap today looking at these photos! Visited the usual 3 haunts. At my fave store found a repro "Le Chat" Taylor & Ng mug. SOLD.

Baby theme illustrated tile from 1979 but I can't read the signature. Don't know why I picked it up? Snoopy heart box. Pair Joan Walsh Anglund mugs. Pair copper/brass candle holders stamped Mexico. Tupperware cups for me.

Thrifts seem to be picking up with stock, not great stuff but at least shelves aren't empty. GWill was packed with people!

Coke glass, duh? Fake Boda snowball. Beverly Guhl an illustrator better know for her cats but I liked the graphic elephant computer mug. Hubby claimed it. Red Turkish pot. Rainbow mug. "Down on the Farm" glasses minty! For Sale.

The last picture of upside down Coke glasses "7-UP" was a bad purchase, sigh, sometimes I have to wonder at myself?

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