Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thrift - GoodWill Was Closed!

Still slow at the thrifts, sigh. Grabbed this unused box of 1988 MOMA cookies cutters after I paid and was walking out the door. Two yards of John Deere flannel fabric 'cause I love their graphic fabrics.

Sasaki "Colorstone" designed by MassimoVignelli in 1985 (Heller plates) black matte creamer and sugar. I have a lot of plates and cups I need to sell too. And a "Keep Calm and Carry On" tea towel design from a British war time poster.

Stopped by GoodW but it was closed? lights off and everything?


  1. For some reason, Genuine Architectural Cookie Cutters sounds funny. =)

  2. Shoot, I think I just missed picking up a Sasaki teapot today at the thrift.. for some reason I didnt bother to turn it over to see the Vignelli name. Seeing yours reminded me of the shape.. oh well, maybe it'll be there next week!

  3. Oh, I'm in love with the cookie cutters! The Sasaki set is beautiful. Great finds.