Friday, January 27, 2012

Estate - Golf Course

This morning, I went to an estate sale on a golf course. As I understand the woman worked for the White House-I believe the EPA (which is funny in itself-see later) and the husband worked for the railroads. I'm going to assume they were Republicans because of all the photos of Reagan, W and Dick Cheney on the walls (creepy weird homage) not to mention the literature. They were also the most boring people in the world. Everything in the house was bleh! So much money and not a penny of it spent-hey, other folks made that complaint.

Her entire wardrobe was Chicos and Talbots (I swear people in my area must be making those stores rich...zzzz...sorry, fell asleep). She owned 50 pairs of Ferragamos, every one was black and looked the same. They were so boring her feet must have fallen asleep. And who buys all of the same brand? If I were going to spend $500 on a pair they better have some zip to 'em! Now, I know working in the White House means dressing like you have cotton wool in your head but one does get off work at some point.

Do you think they ever let their hair down, maybe got a little wild? (well, it wasn't in the bedroom, szzzzzz) They must be rolling $$$ 'cause it doesn't look like they traveled (oh, that would be too exciting) or spent money furnishing or decorating the house. For Gods Sake, they even used free EPA work mugs in their kitchen!

The kitchen was crap but people sure were busy buying Tostitos, plastic spoons, wine and liquor?

The only thing I picked up (for my sister) was a gaudy tweed wool Pendleton of Oregon "Knockabout" men's women's blazer-or at least, I think, it's mens?

Fortunately, the house was in my neighborhood so no gas wasted just $8.40 for the jacket and my time looking at their boring ass crap. Returned home to catch some zzzzzs.

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  1. "shoes so boring her feet must have fallen asleep" killed me.