Friday, January 6, 2012

Estate - Chemex Shemex

Arrived at an lake house estate sale 1 1/2 hours after opening. The estate lady said people were lined up at 5am! Things were CRAZY expensive! But of course there was a long line of people buying things.

Paid a lot for this small Chemex coffeemaker with filters dated 1967. Ben Seibel's hard to find Tempron Taste Tempters line, manufactured by Gilley, NY. The wrought iron frame handles are wrapped in sea grass for a Pyrex covered casserole. A very graphic unused "Knots, Hitches & Bends" Ulster Irish linen tea towel. Small blue linen Bo-Peep Provincial style tablecloth. I couldn't resist the squirrels and frolicking lambs.

Cheapest thing, I picked up was a Kosta Boda snowball for $2. Funny thing, I left it behind on a table and when I went back to retrieve it, I saw a lady look down very surprised and pick it up. I quickly explained to her that I'd forgotten it, turned out she was Swedish as she sorrowfully handed it to me.

And a Connemara Irish wool plaid throw with 2 small holes that hopefully Mom will repair. Passed on a plastic yellow Dansk mixing bowl for $5 that was in rotten shape.

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