Saturday, January 7, 2012

Thrift - Plastic Fantastic!

At my fave thrift store I found a large Sonoma Valley tin, made in England, bright yellow desk organizer, made in Hong Kong. Pack of un-used Gary Larson Christmas cards. Not sure why I bought the little wood "Class of 1934" figurine (reminds me of Russian ones?) but I thought it was cute.

At the old biddy store this mug has been calling me for the past few weeks. I love the graphics but it has a chip in the rim, sadness.

Also saw this Danish style (couldn't find any marking) rosewood wall unit/room divider. You can see the bar unit and shelves piled on the floor. It's dovetailed but not very well-made. The rest hasn't come in yet so it doesn't go on sale till Tuesday. I was told one other person asked about it too. I don't have room for anymore furniture and I doubt it will be cheap.

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  1. That piece was apparently made in Yugoslavia. I had one in teak for about ten years, really loved it but found a better system so I sold it. Haven't ever seen the rosewood one before, that's pretty cool. $320 or whatever seems like a pretty good price. It's a bitch to put together, but looks great once it's done. Here's a pic of the one I had:

    If you don't want to put it all together, stacking the boxes in a loose arrangement actually makes a very cool looking storage alternative.