Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thrift - Bennington Trigger Mug

Decided I was going to be there when stores opened today. Was 40 minutes late! The 3 bay rosewood wall unit was at the old biddy shop for $320 or $350. It looks smaller than Danish pieces and there are no markings - turns out it was from Yugoslavia. I thought the price was fair but no bargain considering it's a thrift store. Took a photo but I think the camera is broken?

But I did find a 5.5" Dala horse by Nils Olsson, Sweden which was not cheap SOLD. A Japanese Kokeshi doll with two character stamps SOLD

For my sister, I picked up a 1960's wood box fish purse made in Japan-it's missing the handle and snap but I couldn't resist the graphic fish. Found her a orange red litho tin cigarette box that I thought she could use for props, it's marked "Ardath Tobacco Co. London, Leeds & Dublin." Reminded me of London's old telephone boxes.

Can you believe, I found not one thing at my fave thrift store! It was bare bones too.

At GWill I found a Bennington Potters, Vermont "Smithsonian Institution" Trigger mug, a first! It has two glaze pops that have stained the rim. I passed on a pair of small white Starbucks mugs, a mistake? And last, for $3 a heavy maple cutting board for myself. All in all, I'm pleased with today's finds. Here's hoping for more good luck.

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