Monday, January 23, 2012

Thift - Drought

So I made a long trek to 7 thrift stores I frequent every month or so. Shelves were empty-I mean 20 items on the shelf and they were broken or pieces of Ziploc plastic. Above is an English tin, a Scandinavian style mug and a Kilborn Aloha cat mug.

I have been finding a lot of scarves lately? For my sister I picked up a ladybug Vera Flowerpot scarf, 70-80s silk Vera neck scarf, a huge 1960s polka dot Echo, Japan silk scarf and graphic Galla Japan scarf. Had to pass on a very cute silk Vera scarf because of a multitude of yellow stains-unsure could be washed out.

Finally "The Four Musicians of Bremen" wall hanging in mint condition, probably German. The style reminds me of Marimekko fabrics, love the red mushrooms and foliage.

The last two photos are things I passed. A 1990 Bodum box set designed by Carsten Jorgensen except mine had the creamer and sugar but was missing 4 coaster. Too pricey. And last thing was the "Dish Doctor" designed in 1997 by Marc Newson for Magis, Italy. Had wear around the rim of the utensil holders maybe a mistake to pass?

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