Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thrift - Pyrex Up The Wazoo

Picked all of the following at the local GoodWill. Eight pink and pale aqua 'Bolero Therm-O-Ware' atomic 3-legged plastic bowls. SOLD.

Promotional 'Golden Rosette' Pyrex casserole gift set, missing warming cradle, 1960-5.

$5 Bialetti espresso maker for myself. Pair Bodum glass coffee cups made in Switzerland. And a medium Americana Pyrex bowl, the smaller brown & gold had too much damage even though it would have completed my set, I can wait to find another in better condition.

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  1. Howdy ~ I'm a new reader! Love your blog! Those 'Bolero Therm-O-Ware' atomic 3-legged plastic bowls are interesting. Never came across them!