Friday, August 19, 2011

Thrift - Hear Me Roar

Stopped by the thrift near my mom. Picked up Terence Conran's "Bed and Bath Book" the first one I've ever seen.

A certain Jewish person had donated a lot of Judaica, enamel and pottery items mostly from Israel. All very lovely but they where priced to high for cheapo me. I really should get a camera phone!

Did find hidden, this tiny handmade glazed red clay Japanese vase/pot/saki flask marked "Echizen" I can't read the Japanese mark and will have to ask my cousin to decipher. Funny, still has the Sloans & Kenyon auction house sticker on it (I used to work there eons ago). Likely a tourist item from the Echizen Pottery Village, post 1970. I am fascinated with this piece, it must have have be high fired? In addition, it's well-made, very thin, light and very strong because I accidentally whacked it really hard and not even a mark!

"Echizen pottery is a style that appeared toward the end of the Heian period (794-1192). Echizen ware is made from iron-rich clay that turns a dark, reddish-brown when fired. Traditionally, it is not glazed, but often has subtle patterns of color that result from more or less accidental events that occur during both the shaping and firing of the pieces, such as, for example, ashes from the wood fire clinging to them"

1970's ceramic lion coin bank, made in Japan. The tail is my favorite part. Sold but I broke it during packing, sad face.

Small ceramic blue bird that reminds me of Royal Copenhagen fiance pottery but is unmarked. If anyone has any info.

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