Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thrift- Goodwill Ice Cream

Ran into the young lad again at GoodWill right after my fave thrift store. He picked up a tiny little uranium glass pedestal cake platter. Surprised, I missed it but then it was a little frou-frou for me (why didn't I take a pic of it?) Anyhoo, he explained the merits of uranium glass ect. I showed him two green pedestal bowls on the shelf but he was unsure if they were uranium. I think, they were probably China, oh well. I did mention that the hubby metal detects and often finds old bottle. Hah! That sparked some interest!

Medium sized Donvier ice cream maker from the 80's, new in box, made in Japan. I've sold two small ones so far. SOLD

At first, I thought these were green Pyrex refrigerator dishes but when I lifted them up, I was surprised they were made of plastic. They are marked Lustro Ware, 1946-66, made in Ohio. Another milk glass vase.

Pyrex 'Daisy' oval serving dish. Left a large light yellow Pyrex mixing bowl because of condition issues and I already have two. Wonder why I always find the big yellow bowl but not the different colored smaller sizes?

Photo of the crap my GoodWill usually sells. Anyone want a George Foreman grill 'cause they have dozens! There's no shortage of crock pot either.

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