Thursday, August 25, 2011

Estate Score! Timo Sarpaneva Red Cast Iron Casserole

Decided to stop at an estate sale not far from my house. They've been so disappointing lately I just stopped going. Guess I arrived around 12pm and I walk in to see another empty house. I suspect the surviving family removes almost everything nowadays? What was described as "loads of kitchen" was quite the overstatement!

But lo and behold on the counter top I did notice this beauty! By one of my favorite designers, Timo Sarpaneva, this circa 1959 large enamel red cast iron casserole was made by W. Rosenlew & Cody in Finland. Chips and what-not, I consider it a great find. Today, they are only made in black by Iittala.

I knew immediately what this was 'cause I've been considering buying the smaller version with the wood handle. What I can't believe is that no one had picked it up sooner? Ha ha, they had the French Creuset stuff priced twice as high.

Found some little people with wood bodies and four of them have wood heads. Yes, they are collectible. There was an Etsy lady in from of me 'cause she had a bunch of aprons and a Richard Scary book (darn 'cause I've been hoping to find his books), other children books and cute little knick-knacks.

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  1. Is there a brand mark in the base of your Timo Sarpaneva Red Cast Iron Casserole? I am trying to track down the brand of one I have bought. have a similar shaped one they think is Revere ware. Mine has the same Crown over an R that they have photographed.