Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thrift - Glass Cork Bottles Galore

Picked up a ton of stuff today!

Green Copco salad spinner designed by Sam Lebowitz (made in USA) that I thought the hubby wanted but apparently not... A green enamel cast iron pot by Nacco, made in Denmark. I'm unfamiliar with this company but it looks identical to Micheal Lax's Copco cast iron pots. Info I did find: N.A. Christensen & Co (NACCO). Nacco pots and pans were produced by Morsø Jernstøberi (Morsø Cast Iron Foundry) in Denmark. The thrift store said it did not come with a lid but I think it's missing. 

A yellow plastic Rosti mixing bowl made in Denmark. I have three in this size now, so I guess,  I'll have to sell one or two.

Another glass decanter with wood stopper (just sold the first). I saw a third one but without the stopper. SOLD

Four rooster and cupid weather vane cocktail glasses SOLD. I like to think they are from the 1940's?

The most adorable green & gold sugar bowl signed LG 5. I believe this to be an older piece maybe 1930-40's? There is the coolest matching casserole bowl but it has a chip on the handle that you can bet happened at the thrift shop. It was very upsetting to me! Plus its been out for two weeks and they only just put out the sugar bowl? Will have to look for the creamer. I'll try and take a photo of the damaged piece next time I'm at the store. Oh and a hidden little wood topped cork stopper for the hubby's sour beers.

A pair of handpainted wooden dolls that I believe to be Polish for my figure collection. by Aja Tra, made in Uppsala Sweden SOLD.

Someone must have donated their pottery collection. I picked out two pieces, a deep hand thrown bowl with ringed interior stamped HB but it looks like a fish skeleton. Someone had skill making this bowl as it's very thin walled and light weight. I find this mark all the time - must be local?

In addition, a the stoneware jar with natural cork stopper, it an actual whole piece of the tree not the usual ground up mash that's glued together. I don't care for the jar but I couldn't resist the cork lid, signed KA 81. I had to pass on a lovely Bennington Pottery of Vermont jar because it was cracked.

Found a load of cork topped glass kitchen bottles hidden in a basket. Had a 15 year old girl breathing down my neck 'cause she saw me find them and I could tell she was interested. I felt a tiny bit bad grabbing them up. I did manage to break one just after I listed it. SOLD


  1. Love the wooden dolls! Those containers are CRAZY awesome too!

  2. Thanks. I LOVE Swedish painted wooden figures and anything of that style. I have a feeling by the end of the year my collection might be out of control...
    Yeah, I've have to sell the glass containers I need more jars like I need a hole in the head!