Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thrift Score - At GoodWill?

I'll never understand the GoodWill by my house. Most times I stop by, the shelves are empty but for HomeGoods and tons of 'Made in China' crap. But today was different.

A horribly tacky 80's ice cream mug that I couldn't resist. A Selandia stainless steel server and a rosewood server, both made in Denmark. I love when materials are mixed.

My best find of the day is the 1959 ZooLine hungry hungry hippo trinket box. The tail looks freshly broken probably at the thrift store. He need a little love. There was a lady standing in front of the shelf and when I saw the hippo, I said 'Excuse me' and shot my hand out in front of her. She gave me that sort of dazed look. Hey, I wasn't going to take the chance she'd see him. The photo is blurry because the light was very dim. SOLD

A lone knife to add to several I have already collected. A blue 1976 Bicentennial Ball jar that I got for the hubby but I just might sell? A loud 1970's stoneware plate signed Mikasa 'Indian Feast, Half Moon' I don't believe it to be by the elusive Ben Seibel SOLD.

A yellow & teak thermos I recognized immediately because I'd just seen it on A La Modern's site. Designed by 'G. Rosendahl, Falkenberg Sweden, Made in USA.' I've seen ones made in Sweden online. The tag on the bottom calls it a 'Keeper' 'International Coffee & Tea' 'Camarillo CA' Otherwise, know as "The Coffee Bean" established in 1963. I can only guess this was sold in stores in the 60-70's. Went back to the thrift store - guilty of crappy condition and beer goggle judgement.

More Bodum glasses -  looked and looked for the cork coasters. And a pair of unused stacking Christmas mugs from the 60's, what great graphics and colors.

A very tall Pinocchio made in Italy. I almost bought one in Cville a few weeks ago. Glad I waited. I have a growing Pino. collection SOLD. A leopard print vase of a lady names 'Emily' signed Susan Paley by Gant. I picked some serious tack today SOLD. Four mid 70's to mid 80's Sandra Boyton mugs. For Sale in my Etsy store.

Ladies, let this be a lesson not to apply self tanner! A funkadelic Skipper doll. Her butt says '1965 Mattel, Made in Japan' Her arms face and legs are a weird yellow and sticky. Her leg is broken, I mean broken as in taped together! Don't know what I will do with her? She was $2 so I said 'what the hell" more beer goggles. Behind her sits a milk glass vase.

Found a second 1979 Chein metal recipe card box that has never been used SOLD. A cute little jam jar. I was attracted to it because of the rattan handle. It's signed on the bottom "handpainted".

A pair a Murano glass paper weights. I think the left one is old. Unfortunately I noticed a crack in it when I got home. The other has a foil label. It's not older than the 80's SOLD.

Three bundles of blue garland tinsel, made in Germany, probably 60's. I think crafters will like it and more beer goggles.

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