Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thrift - Hello, It's 1985 Calling!

So I stopped by my mom's GoodWill and this is what I found. The coolest phone ever, probably from 1980-85. Made by Crusader this red "My Flower" phone utilizes the petals as the push buttons. You hang-up the phone simply by setting it down. It works too! Has a strange ring that I haven't heard before. I was talking into the petal side and kept hitting the numbers with my ear whilst complaining I couldn't hear anything. The hubby says turn the phone around and use the other end. Duh! Sold.

A large Nissen, Denmark teak cutting board in very good condition. For Sale.

And a sea foam Russel Wright by Steubenville dinner plate. The two other I left because of recent rim chips. There are some imperfections to the rim so they were probably seconds. Originally priced at $4, I asked for 50% off.

The second is a $2 blue gray speckled dinner plate "California Living" by Laurel, 1950-56. Living's design is attributed to Caleb Jackson and refined by Ted Scarpino. Living won a MOMA award for excellence in design. Both for Mom.

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