Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thrift - Ben Seibel & Kari Stavangerflint

Made the rounds to some thrift stores after the crappy estate sales. Lately, I've been coming across a lot of Georges Briard but always in terrible shape. But this 1960's double welled gold glass tray is in great condition. In front of the tray are 4 Bodum glasses (fortunately, I have extra coasters)

Pair of Blue Delft Canal houses one still filled with liquor SOLD. And a rare to find a complete children set by Stavangerflint of Norway illustrated by Kari Nyqvist.

Passed on a set of Kliban cat glasses because I thought the price was rather high, was a mistake to pass up.

At GoodWill I picked up Americana Pyrex for myself. In the back is a flower power fabric tray in blues and greens. SOLD

Five Mikasa Duplex plates by Ben Seibel in the Dahlia pattern designed in 1971. They are heavy, good quality and in excellent condition. Where are the tea cups and the rest of the set?

Also a set of Rosewood and steel servers made in Japan. These are in mint condition and of excellent quality. SOLD

And a lovely little thin white Swedish porcelain bowl marked "Upsala Ekeby"made at the Karlskrona Porcelain Factory. Might be a sugar bowl? This is the first time I've ever found Upsala Ekeby in the wild.

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