Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ireland - Milk this Kerry Cow

Mom brought me home a mug and tray from Ireland.

Handmade Kerry Cow mug is signed "Muckross House" with the artist cartouche "S" Love the illustrated tag. Circa 1964. By "Muckross House Craft, Kilkenny. I don't know how the hubby and I missed visiting the house?

The melamine tray was probably a tourist souvenir from the Roman Baths made by Praesidium Ornamin Britain. Circa 1965 SOLD.

Err, I'm embarrassed to say, "The Little Mermaid" from Copenhagen SOLD, I found dumpster diving behind my sisters apartment in Dublin this past spring. (I found the same Mermaid souvenir for sale on Ebay for $49, I don't know about that!) The owners were cleaning out their parents house and kindly gave us a tour. They had the 1920's house refurbished in the late 1950 to early 60's. I should have taken photos of the funky light fixtures and 'state of the art' sound systems of the time. The father had worked in a sound recording studio and they had an unpublished studio recording of the Beatles that they were going to auction. Anyhoo, everything in the dumpster was really worn, really cheap, or really tacky, interesting though.

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  1. Poor spoon, now you you can imagine how Humpty Dumpty felt!
    I lost my big mirror that was sitting on my bedroom dresser,it shattered into a zillion pieces. Poor bowie was alone in the house, he was in a state when I got home. Dad was obvilious as he was driving and did not find out until 2 hours after the quake.