Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thrift Score - Alessi of Italy

Sign, another terrible picture. It must have been overcast when I shot this... Hit 9 stores today and found most of the items at two of them. Sometimes you just don't find much.

Scored with a recent Stainless steel fruit basket by Alessi, Italy, 'This was the first object to emerge from research by the internal engineering department into wire-bending technology, in the late 40s.' I think the square is more rare? It's super expensive to buy new. SOLD

A clear magenta Dansk tray designed by Gunnar Cyren, have what, 5 now? Little Pyrex bowl in Butterfly Gold pattern. Another Ingrid picnic ball, one already for sale in my Etsy shop. Some white Dansk Tiny Taper Candles. SOLD

At my usual haunts (where I always find loads) I only found an Iittala beer mug designed by Oiva Toikka in 1973 (found another a few months back) SOLD

And a "Federal Glass" Cancer  Zodiac mug. But for once no Heller, sad face.

Set of Bodum bowls, I love anything Bodum with cork coasters, don't know if they are worth anything. Kosta Boda Snowball for $3 that has a chip on the bottom but it for my votive collection. Green & orange what I thought were egg cups but now I think they are sake cups, have several white ones too.

Stack of 1960-70's children books. Including a wonderfully illustrated one featuring an owl. Postage scale from 1971 that I use all the time. Three high quality Danish stainless steel candle holders by Lundtofte. For Sale.

Oh, I found a rare white trash can by Japanese industrial designer Makio Hasuike (Gedy in Italy) but it was badly broken, darn sloppy thrift stores.

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