Sunday, February 27, 2011

Estate: Vera Scarves, Silver Fox Fur & Le Gardo Tackett

Vera Scarves
Found some great things at an estate sale this past weekend.

"Pink Angels" Pat Prichard/Patricia Ann Prichard for Kimball handkerchief. Hand rolled hem, super soft fine linen. Four silk Vera scarves, made in Japan. Two other silk scarves. Grey silk neckerchief, modernist blue & green silk scarf, 1960's black & white slip. For my sister.

1970's Teak french bread slicer. Made in Thailand. SOLD

Three white lotus bowls. Lone bright orange "Copenhagen" Rosti Denmark egg holder. Pair 40ml glass lab vials by Kimax USA (Rach loves these.) Three plastic plates by "Heller Design By Massimo Vignelli" plus a copy by Oblique. Designed in 1964 but not manufactured until 1970 (he also designed the New York City Subway diagram.)

Small rosewood toothpick holder (stamped Mexico) with spoon. For sale in my Etsy shop.

Silver mesh belt for sister stamped Forstner. Four small red enamel Swedish candlesticks. SOLD

My fave find was a highly collectible Le Gardo Tacket sugar bowl with rattan handle. Stamped 1960. Made in Japan. I use this as a sugar bowl & people always "ooo & ahh" over it!

Vintage Sevi Angel on three legged Reindeer. Made in Spain. Four mini red Swedish candleholders. SOLD Pair Swedish spun cotton and red felt elf ornaments. SOLD

Black & brown soft leather gloves "Made  in Italy Expressly for Gimbels" Lined in silk. Beaded suede glove "Gant Fischl Grenoble" "Sagil, 2 Rue De Rivoli, Paris" Cream textile & leather with buckle detail. Pair of High Street London sweaters I forgot to photograph. All for sister.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thrift: Dolls everywhere!

Amish "Joli" Dolls

Polish "Joli" Dolls

"Arabian Restaurant Pty. Ltd." Signed "Wiltshire Stainless"
Found tons of stuff at thrift this week!

Blue enameled Swissmar "Lugano" fondue pot. Think, I left the bottom part at the thrift store. Retails at $80 SOLD.

Children's book "The Runaway Giant" by Adelaide Holl, copyright 1967.

Thrift store had some lady's entire doll collection. I only picked the wooden ones except for the plastic British Palace guard & Roma guard. She had lots of German dolls too. Signed Egypt, man and lady (broken top) figures.

Turned jointed 1960's "JOLI" Amish dolls (she even has hand sewn underwear!) in mint condition. Pinocchio and girl in pink jumper with red shoes. Foil label "Made in Poland. They remind me of TinTin. These dolls were produced from 1930-1970. There are thousands of versions & costumes. I think, the Red Riding Hoods & the 40-50's girl dresses are the cutest. For Sale

Small 4" wood shaved, acorn cap figure, prob. Scan. or German. Don't know anything about it? "Sweet & Low" mini diet scale. Set of eight "Savoy" Noritake China, Japan tea cups. I think, they might be to small for the Rosenthal saucers. "Gladmark of Burbank, California" wood tray. Circa 1956-70. Plus, Walt Disney World black metal tray circa 1971.

Pair of "Lady Bug" mugs. 1960-70's. SOLD. One foil label: Viking Import, Japan. Other label: Knobler, Japan. Alfred Knobler founder of Pilgram glass. "Alfred E Knobler & Co Inc. Moonachie New Jersey 07074 Made in Japan." History of the manufacturer is in the late 1940s, Alfred Knobler (1915-2007), a giftware salesman, started his own company, Alfred E. Knobler & Co., importing and wholesaling giftware from Japan. In the 1960s, he also began importing from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, China and the Philippines.

Pottery owl by Counterpoint San Francisco. 1960-70's. Made in Japan. SOLD. Stainless steel server with rosewood handles, 5.5" Made in Denmark. SOLD

Floral "Hand Crafted Otagiri Original, Japan" tray.

Very heavy, old teak large salad bowl. Remnants of Georg Jensen foil label. Debating whether to buy the 4 smaller bowls. Prob. 1960's? I don't know where it would have been purchased. Georg Jensen is a high end silversmith company in Denmark. They also have a high end store on Madison Avenue, NYC SOLD.

More egg cups SOLD. Austrian crystal snowball candle votive (not half as nice as the Boda snowball.)

Five bright plastic egg holders. Prob. 1960's. SOLD

"Jonathan Wild Cherry Spoons" Ladle with holes, 11 1/2 inches. Retails for $44. I found with the tag at the New GoodWill. Hand engraved"Arabian Restaurant Pty. Ltd." Signed "Wiltshire Stainless" yellow handled knife. I just thought it was neat.

Friday, February 25, 2011

SOLD: Jens Risom Style Walnut Reversible Table

Domino Black & White Double Sided Flip-Top Table. One side bright white & the other slate gray-black Formica. Unusual sculptural walnut legs. Legs are collapsible. Unmarred Formica top except for chip to side (see photo.) Two available. $150 priced separately or Best Offer. SOLD

Dimensions: 28" Square x 20"H

SOLD: Omann Junior Brazilian Rosewood Bookcase

Omann Junior Bookcase
Gleaming Brazilian Rosewood Bookcase with Chrome Legs. Very modern & sleek. Four adjustable shelves. Chrome clean. Excellent condition & quality. Omann Junior Foil Label. Made in Denmark. $400. SOLD

Dimensions: 55" H x 47" W x 11" D

Sold: Danish Teak Mini Credenza

Recently imported from Denmark. Wonderful deep rich red patina. Matched flame grain on doors. Circa 1950-60's.

Vintage Sevi Birthday Numbers

 Little Angels & Numbers with 1950's Boxes. Handmade in Italy

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thrift & Estate: Yellow Homer Laughlin Plate

1958 Bryce Brothers Company Catalog 
While I didn't make any estates sales this weekend, unless going to one that is actually next weekend counts, oops. I did pick up two things at my new fave thrift on the drive home. A 9" Sunshine yellow Homer Laughlin "Rivera" plate. Prod. 1938-48. My plate has recent chips to the underside rim. The fluid Art Deco lines were designed by Fredrick Rhead (best known for Fiesta ware.) Originally, a five & dime store (Woolworth) mix & match line, mint pieces are difficult to find because they are so easily damaged. The Ohio Valley Pottery is still in business today. My other thrift find was a Pyrex bowl "Early American Gold" with missing lid. Prod. 1961. This is one of my favorite Pyrex patterns. I already have three pieces in my collection.

Fortunately, Mom found lots of cools things at an estate sale. Another, Ohio Valley Pottery by Hall China, a "Royal Rose" Casserole. Circa 1940's. A "Trina" Faux Agate Plastic "Point of View" Mirror for my sister. Deco styled from 1972-4. Made in Japan. Very heavy & solid & in mint condition. Stainless Steel Footed Server with Ladle. The ladles are hard to find. Made in Denmark. 1960-70's.

Hand Blown Blue-Green Smoke Chimney Bud Vase. I suspect this is a Italian Murano seconds because it has an un-ground pontil & slants to the side. The color is more Scan though? Nice and heavy but can't find any examples. SOLD

Pair of Rosewood, Brass Rivets & Stainless Steel Servers. Shows wear. Made in Japan. 1960's. SOLD

Four clear glass salad plates. One is Arcococ "Canterbury." Also an Anchor Hocking storage jar with rubber sealed wood lid.

And last, five Bryce Glass "El Rancho" in pink (see above.) Produced 1955-66. These have the palest of a pink tint & will enhance the color of drinks. SOLD

Friday, February 18, 2011

Thrift & Estate: "Goldstrahlen" Rosenthal & Christmas Pixies

Went to an estate nearby. Why is everything so expensive now? Not even nice stuff? The estate persons refused to bargain even after I had to dig the six red felt pixies (knee huggers) out of a old stinky box in the freezing garage. The large pixie scares me. The large Devil pixie is tagged "1967 Kamar, Japan" (makers of the ET dolls.) Company closed 1991. The rest have Japan stickers, one exception "Noel, Japan." I also picked up a blue Pyrex container in great condition, fortunatley, I had a spare lid at home. For my sister I picked up an off-white "All Silk, Hand Rolled, Vera" scarf. Love the tiny tag. 1970-80's.

On the way home I stopped by thrift store and found a surprise! Saw these plates from a ways & knew they would be something good! Thought these might be 70's. Didn't find the cups? Who donates 8 saucers & no cups? Did they break 8 cups? I was pleased to discover these were designed by the famed industrial designer Raymond Loewy (Air France Cutlery, Exxon logo, Lucky Strike.) Rosenthal of Germany. "Goldstrahlen" (Golden Rays) Series 2000, 1954-68. Maybe a Luncheon setting? Three 8.5" luncheon plate. Left one large plate with chip/crack, nine 7" salad plates, & five 6" bread & butter plates, eight saucers. Plus, a small yellow & white glazed ashtray. Prob. Japan. Can't make out the sticker. Missing the other one (I have 2 orange ones that are orange & white.)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thrift: Dansk Hex Vase & Russel Wright "Esquire"

Only thing I found at the richy GoodWill. Could be that I went too late because it looked cleaned out! I have no idea how these were passed over? As people are mad about Russel Wright ceramics. Maybe folks thought they were Crate & Barrel/IKEA? Three pieces of "Esquire, Antique White" Russel Wright by Knowles. Circa 1955 - 1962. Made in USA. Mint condition. There is mention of  "Esquire" as a rare pattern and "Antique White" in matte glaze rarer indeed. Perhaps wishful thinking?

Another thrift found a pair Dansk Green Glass Candle holders designed by JHQ. 1960-70's, overpriced but I decided not to pass up. For Sale. Large Snowball Votive designed in 1973 by Ann Warff for Kosta Boda, Sweden.

"Kevat" designed by Raija Uosikkinen, Arabia Finland
Found at a new fave thrift store a 7" tall Dansk "Blue Mist" Hexagonal Vase designed by recognized Danish ceramist Niels Refsgaard. Circa 1977. Made in Japan with Niels Refsgaard  character imprint. Love it! While I like the vase the dinnerware is to countryesque for me. SOLD

Nothing will say class to your guests like "Celebration Toast Glasses." "Add Charm & Distinction to every occasion, Bdays, Weddings ect" Sure to bring your guests back when they know you break the budget on champagne. Made by Maude B. May Co. Chicago. Original box. 1950's. I think, these were used in the war when there was a shortage on champagne? As I've seen box designs with a 1940's looking photo. SOLD

Six colorful Pop graphic fish, birds, giraffes 1960-70's stacking mugs. Made in Japan. Stacked & hiding the handles they look like a vase. SOLD

I'm forever finding Finnish! Found this crammed behind huge piles of plates. Small 4" wall plate (one of four) marked "Kevat (Spring), designed by Raija Uosikkinen, Arabia Finland." Early 1980's. SOLD

Unopened pack of Marimekko of Finland coasters. Prob. purchased at Crate & Barrel in the last ten years. SOLD

Deco styled egg blue glazed bird. Beak is un-chipped but the matte brown glaze has worn off. Post-war. Made in Japan sticker. SOLD

At last thrift store, I think, I missed the mother load on this. I bet someone dropped off as houseful of Scan. & I got the tail end of it! Saw a red Dansk enamel pot (plus, it was missing a huge chuck of enamel on the bottom inside) with missing lid for $4.50-come on! 4 more enameled Turkish pots. Made in Poland & Yugosl. (found 2 last weekend at estate sale.) They were probably unpicked because they were covered in 20 years of kitchen grease. A long soak in hot soapy water & surprisingly they cleaned up. Circa 60-70's.

"Spar of Norway" Cheese Slicer with teak handle. Do I have 10 of these now? 1950-70's. One lonely small brown flower plate. Where are the others? "Kosmos" designed by Gunvor Olin-Grönqvist for Arabia of Finland. Signed "GOG 1966." Mint Condition, it's so shiny, so this is what it looked like new.

Had a tiff with an old biddy working there. Whenever, I go loads of crap have no price tags. Same today, saw a cute children china place setting with an detailed illustrated Zoo motif (1950-60) with a cursive cap. L mark on the back? And in perfect condition. Of course with no price. When I asked the lady-she grabbed it and said I wouldn't get the price today as people are always taking off the sticker to get a better price. She looked at me & must have seen the color rising. I replied, "It's probably 'cause things where priced to high!" She spent the rest of the time helping me look for the Arabia plates. Imagine!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thift Score! Moller Chairs & "Pomona" Jam Pot

At my old biddy store found two more graphic "Electrical Towers" glasses (set of four now.) Pair bright red enameled wood Swedish Christmas candle holders. Modern White Ceramic Horse with missing teak toothpicks. 1950-60's Japan. One of the biddies was trying to tell me it was a coin bank-for what 8 cents?

Pair white ceramic double handled "Urn Servers," maybe for jam? Marked "Bavaria" For Sale in my Etsy store.

Third jam pot in two weeks? "Pomona Series" jar designed by Ulla Procope´s. Pattern by Raija Uosikkinen (or Esteri Tomula)  "Omena" (Apple) though, I believe, it's a Crabapple. Stamped "Arabia Finland 1961"

White Ceramic Lotus Bowl. Marked "Japan" 1960's.

Yellow Wall Shelf with plastic jars. Never used. Stamped "Hong Kong" 1980's. SOLD

Good Karma pays off! If I hadn't dropped off donations at the rear of my fave thrift store I would have never seen these! Four "No. 77" Teak Chairs designed by Niels Otto Møller in 1959. Made in Denmark. The original oatmeal wool seats need to be reupholstered. Still made today they will run you around $800 each. Got all four for the unbelievable price of $10! Best score yet!

Also found, four cup & saucers by "Thomas, Germany" (owned by Rosanthal now.) They are light & delicate. I like the braid wrapping around the bottom. 1980's judging the mark. Oops, one of the cups is cracked. I didn't get the egg cups as I thought they were overpriced & in the candle section, ha ha."Thomas" made some super cool mod 60's designs too! For Sale in my Etsy store

Ceramic "County Fair" by JBC Trivet (one way it's an apple, flip 180 degrees it's a daisy. Stamped "Japan" Prob. 1970's.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thrift & Estate: "Pala" Art Glass & Arabia Tea Pot

"Pala" by Helena Tynell
I have horrible luck with GoodWill even though I always read blogs where people find great stuff. I think, it has to do with area affluence & age of homes. So I went to a new Goodwill store with those traits & actually SCORED! A fave SCORE for me & my first piece of art glass (other than the huge Higgins glass platter.) "Pala" ("Piece" translated) Green Art Glass by Helena Tynell for Riihimäki Lasi of Finland. Prod. 1964-75. Probably, wood mold blown which gives the piece an unusual texture. Company defunct 1990.

Secondly, I found a stamped "Arabia of Finland 1966" "Pomona" (strawberry) jam pot designed by Raija Uosikkinen. For Sale. Missing top will have to be replaced with cork stopper. My second jam pot in a week! Five green glass dish inserts by Dansk. The square feet fit perfectly into the Dansk lattice tray (purchased last spring at a lot auction.) I was considering purchasing 3 for $20 on the Dansk website.

At the thrift store next door, I found a 50cl "Krouvi" beer mug designed by Oiva Toikka in 1973 for Nuutajärvi of Finland. Sold at Crate & Barrel & made by Iittala today. Freezer safe when dry. Production: 1973-1999, 2000, 2009. SOLD

Something for all beer snobs. 1972 "Miller High Life" beer metal tray. Over the red logo you'll notice an elegant bucket of champagne bottles. On the reverse it reads "The Champagne of Bottle Beer"

From my old biddy shop picked up a pair "Electical Tower" graphic drinking glasses & a blue Saki decanter made in Japan.

From a horribly overpriced friday estate sale picked up only a few things that had no prices on them. Wood giraffe pull toy on wheels with leather ears & tail. Green & yellow enamel Turkish pots made in Czechoslovakia 1960's. Where is the red one? This woman didn't throw anything away EVER! Yet she didn't have anything nice & it was all beat to hell. Blue floral Nymolle of Denmark cup missing small matching plate. Apparently, these are tradition Scan. cups. Looks like a Saki cup to me.

Went to a few estate sales with Mom this weekend. Slim pickings. And some good laughs (at the prices.) Velvet red Xmas reindeer. For Sale. This was $1 in 1965. They wouldn't take 25 cents for the other damaged one. Guess they wanted to save it for a seller that was coming through the door in the last 15 min. of the last day? Blue vase & flowers needlework & frame. 1960's. Must have been a kit. Mom only found short linen runner with yellow cross stitch.

At our last estate found an extra large 2-piece black matte Arabia of Finland plant pot marked 1973. Designed by Richard Lindh in co-operation with gardening experts, in the early-1960's. In production 1964-1985. Need to clean off mineral deposits. Otherwise, no chips or damage. Mom only found a terracotta pot.

Finally, depressed after a day of pitiful estate sales, I stopped in a thrift store by my Mom that she hates because they never move stock & who is going to pay $6 for a used plain drinking glass? But had luck today, found a small handpainted purple rose matte white porcelain teapot with wicker handle, designed in 1953 by Ulla Procope & handpainted by Hilkka-Liisa Ahola. Signed "Arabia Finland GA-1 HLA/SL." Prod. from 1955-1972. SOLD

Unfortunately, an old German lady who works there prices everything and know all the foreign crap so you'll never get a deal or a find. She tells me "that is an Arabia pot, you know?"

Monday, February 7, 2011

Estate: Mom's Red Finds

Mom's "Red" finds for me. Maroon Cheese/Tapinade board with knife. Mom thinks it's from N. Africa? Brazilian Purpleheart hardwood. A dealer at the sale tried to buy it off her. The wood is very dense & heavy! Haven't found any info.

"Cole & Mason" Plastic Grinders. Prob. 80's. Made in England. Need to clean.

Retro Red Plastic 60 minute timer. Made in Switzerland. SOLD

"Parkhurst" Red Wool Beret. Made in Canada. Boxed "Gordon Fraser Gallery" Red Napkin/Coaster Set. Prob. late 80's. Made in USA. ( business was acquired by Hallmark in 1993.) "Dansk" Red Plastic Measuring Cups/Spoons (missing mixing bowl w/red lid.) Prob. mid-late 80's. SOLD

Estate & Thrift: Solaris Platter & Trifari Chocker

Iittala "Solaris" Platter
Dansk Teak Server & "Marimekko" Placemats
All found at a new thrift store next to my doctors office. Red "i" sticker still on "Solaris" platter designed by Tapio Wirkkala in 1974 for Iittala of Finland. Prod: 1975-1995. Dansk Teak Server, 1970-80's, made in Thailand. Proof that Marimekko makes ugly things but I felt a duty to rescue. Lordy, she's roll over in her grave if she saw this design! "Marimekko" of Finland, four plastic "Socks" Christmas place mats. Circa past 10 years.

After the appointment, I stopped by two estate sales and found 1970's wide red leather & suede belt. Late 70-80's Purple suede and gold belt, 1940-60 mirrored Krementz jewellery box. Post war, perfect condition pearl collar. Label "Handmade. A 'Top Hit' Fashion. Barr & Beards, Inc. Japan," 1960's Trifari chocker in excellent condition, it's huge & heavy. Aqua stones & plastic flowers pin with open back. Back looks modern. Only mark is a Texas Star in a circle. Brillants "Burst" pin (no mark), my fave a horse stick pin with no marks. Scotty dog "Swank" tie clip. 60-70's and black fabric gloves with cuff detail. "Shalimar-the finest fabric gloves, 6.5." Made in USA, 1940-60's, all for my sister.

Thrift Estate: Air France Cutlery & Gold Mirrored Shelf

"Air France Cutlery"

This was a surprise from a rather bad thrift store! Flatware set for "Air France Economy Class" 1978. Designed by famed French industrial designer, Raymond Loewy (Shell, Greyhound, Lucky Strike, Exxon logos) in 1975. Marked "Design CEI" (Compagnie d´Esthetique Industrielle) and "OC." Collection of the Museum of Fine Art Boston SOLD.

Don't photograph on red!

Stopped at two estate sales after my doctor appointment and found vintage "Birds" book, I have a growing collection. I like to rescue them. Collection of tiny wood rabbit & bird miniature ornaments SOLD. Pair Austrian blown glass mushroom SOLD.

Italian blown glass spotted cat ornament. Set handmade linen squares with embroidered roosters. Maritime bedspread circa 1950, I don't know much about textiles, freshly laundered (not pictured.)

The following day, I stopped at a dirty, disappointing & overpriced even at 50% off estate sale. The gold mirror miniatures shelf is for my growing Swedish & wood figure collection. Need to clean. Can I get the hubby to cut a whole in the wall & insert this frame?

A 1960's "Father's Day" Hallmark card with pink sparkles. The sparkles are hot pink and didn't photograph. Three gold metal belts & a gray wool steel stud hat for my sister. Love the detail of the cut steel studs. Made by "Neumann-Endler" of Danbury Conn, line: Electa. (Danbury was known as the Hat City of the world.) Picked up a "Vera" 1960's summer top and head scarf too, no photo.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thrift: Danes Make Tacky Stuff Too!

Picked these up last week at my fave thrift store. Proof that the Danish make tacky little gee-gaws. Teak "Street Gas Lamp Lighter" figure holding candlestick. 1960's "Made in Denmark" sticker. For Sale in my Etsy store

Ribbed aluminum "Thermos" with red cup (reminds me of a silo.) Needs cleaning. Made in Norwich Conn. 1960's judging from the cup style. Glass vacuum is intact. Found two more 13" & 12" diameter handmade Peterboro baskets with leather handles. Thinking someone must have donated a collection. One has slight damage & staining to handle but other is in mint condition & both retain labels.

Estate: Tiny Wood Salt Pig

1960's Teeny Tiny 2.5"Diameter Handcrafted Walnut or Teak Salt Dish & Spoon. Stamped "White, IN."

"Viking Village Scene" Trinket Bowl with Missing Lid. 1960's Paul Hoyrup for "Nymolle Art Faience, Made in Denmark.
Thanks Mom for these great finds.