Monday, February 7, 2011

Thrift Estate: Air France Cutlery & Gold Mirrored Shelf

"Air France Cutlery"

This was a surprise from a rather bad thrift store! Flatware set for "Air France Economy Class" 1978. Designed by famed French industrial designer, Raymond Loewy (Shell, Greyhound, Lucky Strike, Exxon logos) in 1975. Marked "Design CEI" (Compagnie d´Esthetique Industrielle) and "OC." Collection of the Museum of Fine Art Boston SOLD.

Don't photograph on red!

Stopped at two estate sales after my doctor appointment and found vintage "Birds" book, I have a growing collection. I like to rescue them. Collection of tiny wood rabbit & bird miniature ornaments SOLD. Pair Austrian blown glass mushroom SOLD.

Italian blown glass spotted cat ornament. Set handmade linen squares with embroidered roosters. Maritime bedspread circa 1950, I don't know much about textiles, freshly laundered (not pictured.)

The following day, I stopped at a dirty, disappointing & overpriced even at 50% off estate sale. The gold mirror miniatures shelf is for my growing Swedish & wood figure collection. Need to clean. Can I get the hubby to cut a whole in the wall & insert this frame?

A 1960's "Father's Day" Hallmark card with pink sparkles. The sparkles are hot pink and didn't photograph. Three gold metal belts & a gray wool steel stud hat for my sister. Love the detail of the cut steel studs. Made by "Neumann-Endler" of Danbury Conn, line: Electa. (Danbury was known as the Hat City of the world.) Picked up a "Vera" 1960's summer top and head scarf too, no photo.

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