Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thrift Score: Pomona Jam Pot

Found at a thrift store I only go if I'm in the area. Amazingly, they had better stuff this time. Usually, everything is priced so high it sits on the shelf for months on end.

What luck, instantly spotted an Arabia of Finland, "Pomona series" jam pot. "Mansikka" or Strawberry pattern designed by Raija Uosikkinen (shape is by Kaj Franck.) This one is dated 1971 but the series was manufactured from 1965-75. Excellent condition SOLD.

Pair of military figures (though I don't know what branch wears white hats?) from the English game "Skittles." Originally, ten of them sat on a pegged cart. These are for my personal collection of wood figures. Rescued Swedish figure probably 1970's. Seriously overpriced for damaged piece & had to talk cashier down on price. It's missing a flag or something? Guessing the hole on top is for a candle. Extremely well made rosewood & stainless steel candle holder. Only one & paid a lot for it but didn't want to leave it behind. I've seen a pair before but can't remember the maker. Chein Industries lithographed Spaghetti tin dated 1979, Made USA SOLD. Have matching recipe tin. I should have gone during Xmas I bet they had a lot of Swedish ornaments!

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