Friday, February 18, 2011

Thrift & Estate: "Goldstrahlen" Rosenthal & Christmas Pixies

Went to an estate nearby. Why is everything so expensive now? Not even nice stuff? The estate persons refused to bargain even after I had to dig the six red felt pixies (knee huggers) out of a old stinky box in the freezing garage. The large pixie scares me. The large Devil pixie is tagged "1967 Kamar, Japan" (makers of the ET dolls.) Company closed 1991. The rest have Japan stickers, one exception "Noel, Japan." I also picked up a blue Pyrex container in great condition, fortunatley, I had a spare lid at home. For my sister I picked up an off-white "All Silk, Hand Rolled, Vera" scarf. Love the tiny tag. 1970-80's.

On the way home I stopped by thrift store and found a surprise! Saw these plates from a ways & knew they would be something good! Thought these might be 70's. Didn't find the cups? Who donates 8 saucers & no cups? Did they break 8 cups? I was pleased to discover these were designed by the famed industrial designer Raymond Loewy (Air France Cutlery, Exxon logo, Lucky Strike.) Rosenthal of Germany. "Goldstrahlen" (Golden Rays) Series 2000, 1954-68. Maybe a Luncheon setting? Three 8.5" luncheon plate. Left one large plate with chip/crack, nine 7" salad plates, & five 6" bread & butter plates, eight saucers. Plus, a small yellow & white glazed ashtray. Prob. Japan. Can't make out the sticker. Missing the other one (I have 2 orange ones that are orange & white.)

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