Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thrift: Hornsea Mug

Really like this thrift store but I've only visited twice before. The prices are never bad. And it's cram packed so you really have to dig & they seem to rotate stock often. My favorite find is the December 1977 "Birthday" mug by Hornsea, designed by John Clappison. First time, I've ever seen Hornsea in the USA. Made in England SOLD.

The other stuff doesn't get me as excited. $2.50 bowl & $3 Pfaltzgraff platter for my dear mother-in-law. Passed on a pair of Nuutajärvi, Finland duck tea lights in the box for $10-too much!

Pair white ceramic "Salt & Pepper Hippos." Believe these to be modern but I like the clean lines. SOLD

Pair "Haga" tea cups designed by Carl Richard Soderstrom in 2001 for Design House Stockholm of Sweden, issued 2005-7. They are supposed to have white saucers. They cost $20 each new! I think, they are made in China since there isn't a peep about manufacturing SOLD

Three glass bowls with leaf & nob design. Don't have any info yet. Hoping they are Scan. will have to research SOLD. Forgot to include the White Pottery Squirrel in the group photo. Prob. Japan 1950-60's.

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