Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thift Score! Moller Chairs & "Pomona" Jam Pot

At my old biddy store found two more graphic "Electrical Towers" glasses (set of four now.) Pair bright red enameled wood Swedish Christmas candle holders. Modern White Ceramic Horse with missing teak toothpicks. 1950-60's Japan. One of the biddies was trying to tell me it was a coin bank-for what 8 cents?

Pair white ceramic double handled "Urn Servers," maybe for jam? Marked "Bavaria" For Sale in my Etsy store.

Third jam pot in two weeks? "Pomona Series" jar designed by Ulla Procope´s. Pattern by Raija Uosikkinen (or Esteri Tomula)  "Omena" (Apple) though, I believe, it's a Crabapple. Stamped "Arabia Finland 1961"

White Ceramic Lotus Bowl. Marked "Japan" 1960's.

Yellow Wall Shelf with plastic jars. Never used. Stamped "Hong Kong" 1980's. SOLD

Good Karma pays off! If I hadn't dropped off donations at the rear of my fave thrift store I would have never seen these! Four "No. 77" Teak Chairs designed by Niels Otto Møller in 1959. Made in Denmark. The original oatmeal wool seats need to be reupholstered. Still made today they will run you around $800 each. Got all four for the unbelievable price of $10! Best score yet!

Also found, four cup & saucers by "Thomas, Germany" (owned by Rosanthal now.) They are light & delicate. I like the braid wrapping around the bottom. 1980's judging the mark. Oops, one of the cups is cracked. I didn't get the egg cups as I thought they were overpriced & in the candle section, ha ha."Thomas" made some super cool mod 60's designs too! For Sale in my Etsy store

Ceramic "County Fair" by JBC Trivet (one way it's an apple, flip 180 degrees it's a daisy. Stamped "Japan" Prob. 1970's.

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