Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thrift & Estate: "Pala" Art Glass & Arabia Tea Pot

"Pala" by Helena Tynell
I have horrible luck with GoodWill even though I always read blogs where people find great stuff. I think, it has to do with area affluence & age of homes. So I went to a new Goodwill store with those traits & actually SCORED! A fave SCORE for me & my first piece of art glass (other than the huge Higgins glass platter.) "Pala" ("Piece" translated) Green Art Glass by Helena Tynell for Riihimäki Lasi of Finland. Prod. 1964-75. Probably, wood mold blown which gives the piece an unusual texture. Company defunct 1990.

Secondly, I found a stamped "Arabia of Finland 1966" "Pomona" (strawberry) jam pot designed by Raija Uosikkinen. For Sale. Missing top will have to be replaced with cork stopper. My second jam pot in a week! Five green glass dish inserts by Dansk. The square feet fit perfectly into the Dansk lattice tray (purchased last spring at a lot auction.) I was considering purchasing 3 for $20 on the Dansk website.

At the thrift store next door, I found a 50cl "Krouvi" beer mug designed by Oiva Toikka in 1973 for Nuutajärvi of Finland. Sold at Crate & Barrel & made by Iittala today. Freezer safe when dry. Production: 1973-1999, 2000, 2009. SOLD

Something for all beer snobs. 1972 "Miller High Life" beer metal tray. Over the red logo you'll notice an elegant bucket of champagne bottles. On the reverse it reads "The Champagne of Bottle Beer"

From my old biddy shop picked up a pair "Electical Tower" graphic drinking glasses & a blue Saki decanter made in Japan.

From a horribly overpriced friday estate sale picked up only a few things that had no prices on them. Wood giraffe pull toy on wheels with leather ears & tail. Green & yellow enamel Turkish pots made in Czechoslovakia 1960's. Where is the red one? This woman didn't throw anything away EVER! Yet she didn't have anything nice & it was all beat to hell. Blue floral Nymolle of Denmark cup missing small matching plate. Apparently, these are tradition Scan. cups. Looks like a Saki cup to me.

Went to a few estate sales with Mom this weekend. Slim pickings. And some good laughs (at the prices.) Velvet red Xmas reindeer. For Sale. This was $1 in 1965. They wouldn't take 25 cents for the other damaged one. Guess they wanted to save it for a seller that was coming through the door in the last 15 min. of the last day? Blue vase & flowers needlework & frame. 1960's. Must have been a kit. Mom only found short linen runner with yellow cross stitch.

At our last estate found an extra large 2-piece black matte Arabia of Finland plant pot marked 1973. Designed by Richard Lindh in co-operation with gardening experts, in the early-1960's. In production 1964-1985. Need to clean off mineral deposits. Otherwise, no chips or damage. Mom only found a terracotta pot.

Finally, depressed after a day of pitiful estate sales, I stopped in a thrift store by my Mom that she hates because they never move stock & who is going to pay $6 for a used plain drinking glass? But had luck today, found a small handpainted purple rose matte white porcelain teapot with wicker handle, designed in 1953 by Ulla Procope & handpainted by Hilkka-Liisa Ahola. Signed "Arabia Finland GA-1 HLA/SL." Prod. from 1955-1972. SOLD

Unfortunately, an old German lady who works there prices everything and know all the foreign crap so you'll never get a deal or a find. She tells me "that is an Arabia pot, you know?"

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