Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thrift: Dansk Hex Vase & Russel Wright "Esquire"

Only thing I found at the richy GoodWill. Could be that I went too late because it looked cleaned out! I have no idea how these were passed over? As people are mad about Russel Wright ceramics. Maybe folks thought they were Crate & Barrel/IKEA? Three pieces of "Esquire, Antique White" Russel Wright by Knowles. Circa 1955 - 1962. Made in USA. Mint condition. There is mention of  "Esquire" as a rare pattern and "Antique White" in matte glaze rarer indeed. Perhaps wishful thinking?

Another thrift found a pair Dansk Green Glass Candle holders designed by JHQ. 1960-70's, overpriced but I decided not to pass up. For Sale. Large Snowball Votive designed in 1973 by Ann Warff for Kosta Boda, Sweden.

"Kevat" designed by Raija Uosikkinen, Arabia Finland
Found at a new fave thrift store a 7" tall Dansk "Blue Mist" Hexagonal Vase designed by recognized Danish ceramist Niels Refsgaard. Circa 1977. Made in Japan with Niels Refsgaard  character imprint. Love it! While I like the vase the dinnerware is to countryesque for me. SOLD

Nothing will say class to your guests like "Celebration Toast Glasses." "Add Charm & Distinction to every occasion, Bdays, Weddings ect" Sure to bring your guests back when they know you break the budget on champagne. Made by Maude B. May Co. Chicago. Original box. 1950's. I think, these were used in the war when there was a shortage on champagne? As I've seen box designs with a 1940's looking photo. SOLD

Six colorful Pop graphic fish, birds, giraffes 1960-70's stacking mugs. Made in Japan. Stacked & hiding the handles they look like a vase. SOLD

I'm forever finding Finnish! Found this crammed behind huge piles of plates. Small 4" wall plate (one of four) marked "Kevat (Spring), designed by Raija Uosikkinen, Arabia Finland." Early 1980's. SOLD

Unopened pack of Marimekko of Finland coasters. Prob. purchased at Crate & Barrel in the last ten years. SOLD

Deco styled egg blue glazed bird. Beak is un-chipped but the matte brown glaze has worn off. Post-war. Made in Japan sticker. SOLD

At last thrift store, I think, I missed the mother load on this. I bet someone dropped off as houseful of Scan. & I got the tail end of it! Saw a red Dansk enamel pot (plus, it was missing a huge chuck of enamel on the bottom inside) with missing lid for $4.50-come on! 4 more enameled Turkish pots. Made in Poland & Yugosl. (found 2 last weekend at estate sale.) They were probably unpicked because they were covered in 20 years of kitchen grease. A long soak in hot soapy water & surprisingly they cleaned up. Circa 60-70's.

"Spar of Norway" Cheese Slicer with teak handle. Do I have 10 of these now? 1950-70's. One lonely small brown flower plate. Where are the others? "Kosmos" designed by Gunvor Olin-Grönqvist for Arabia of Finland. Signed "GOG 1966." Mint Condition, it's so shiny, so this is what it looked like new.

Had a tiff with an old biddy working there. Whenever, I go loads of crap have no price tags. Same today, saw a cute children china place setting with an detailed illustrated Zoo motif (1950-60) with a cursive cap. L mark on the back? And in perfect condition. Of course with no price. When I asked the lady-she grabbed it and said I wouldn't get the price today as people are always taking off the sticker to get a better price. She looked at me & must have seen the color rising. I replied, "It's probably 'cause things where priced to high!" She spent the rest of the time helping me look for the Arabia plates. Imagine!

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