Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thrift - Frankoma mugs + Huge Green Glass Pendant

Nine "Frankoma" mugs plus a tankard. Made in Oklahoma's only pottery. Believe the designs are from the late 40's -60's. This production probably from 1980's. Pottery closed in 90's? Best known for their democratic & republic donkey and elephant mugs. These have a wonderful thick gloss glaze and are well weighted. Likely, never used and in mint condition. All have pattern names but there doesn't seem to be much consensus. For sale in my Etsy shop

Yet another Couroc of Montery CA tray.

Metal litho Dutch style tray (lid to cookie tin) 1960's. For sale in my Etsy shop

Folk Dutch embroidered oven mitt. Love the red scallop design. I don't believe this to be contemporary because the lining is quite thin. Freshly laundered. For sale in my Etsy shop

Another owl bisque lamp. Mint condition. SOLD

Gold martini mixer 1960's. Great detailed gold and black graphics. Very sleek and trim. Mint condition.
Horse mixer. Also have a Kentucky horse corked bottle and a few horse cocktail glasses.

Found this cased pale lime green light pendent. It's huge, thick and heavy. Glass pendent in mint condition. It will need the worlds largest light bulb. Aluminum cap very clean with modern lines. Needs rewiring. But I don't care for the chain. The hardware is unfamliar to me. I suspect it's Swedish but possibly from Amsterdam or Italian say Vistosi? Circa 1950-70's.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thrift - 1891 "Chatsworth" Serving Platters England

I'm finding german pottery now & I love the stuff! Hutschenreuther of Germany bisque vase with incised totem pattern by Hans Achtziger, #6259. He designed an awesome amount of Op Art vases. This one has a chip on the rim so it cost me $3. It's a keeper and I'll simply face the chip towards the back of the cabinet. Some more info: Hans Achziger was a member of the German "Werkbund" and one of the most influential porcelain modellers in the 20th century. He was the director of the arts department at Hutschenreuther AG from 1961-1964, later on he headed the form studio. He created dinner services and a large number of exceptional animal sculptures for the brand Hutschenreuther which was acquired by Rosenthal in 2000.

Blue Schmid demitasse cup designed by Le Gardo Tackett. 1960. Tacket is one of my favorite designers but I never see anything by him, alas. I looked everywhere for a saucer or the rest of the set.

Little one armed Polish wood doll for my figure collection.

1960 "Karoff" Buffet almost mint condition and rather difficult to find complete. I thought they were worth more but it's hard to find them in such good shape with all the part. SOLD

Matched pair of transferware serving platters from 1891 by New Wharf Pottery Co., England. "Chatsworth" pattern, Aesthetic period. Gorgeous patina with lots of crazing and some cracks. Was previously hung on wall SOLD 

Two more Dansk dip bowls to match the ones from the other day. Purple dip tray, I mistakenly thought was Dansk, donated back to store. Interesting blue flower tin from 1960-70's. Never used Thermos picnic bag, dang, its missing a thermos.

Just as I was walking out of my fave thrift store and saw this aqua Mistral coffee grinder. It metal and very heavy. Still works! Can't find any info. Either Italian or Australian. From the plug, think it's 1950-60's? Remind you of a Vespa?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

German Terracotta Planter

My mom has had this 4.5" tall planter for a few years. I think, it was growing a cactus. Having long admired it, I noticed the pot outside last fall and knowing it wouldn't survive a harsh winter, brought it home. Stamped "Handarbeit" (handmade) "27/12" Circa 1950-60's. While haven't seen a planter, I have found many examples of W. German terracotta vases in this style bit no one seems to know the makers. Very thick and heavy not the cheap quality you find today. It's likely missing the bottom saucer. Maybe still at my mom's?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Flea Market - Flint Figgjo Norway

Forgot that my community was having a giant yard sale early this morning. I didn't get there until 11:30. Looked as if half the families were rained out.

First thing, I picked up was an owl mug from a 70 year old woman who informed me that she had just sold her entire owl collection, damn! She said they went like hotcakes. While I don't collect owls I am drawn to them and they sell quite well. SOLD

Picked up more Pyrex "Spring Blossom Green" bowl, it's not in perfect condition. Square planter by "Don-Jay Ceramics" "Made in California, 401" with a maroon glaze and white drip around the edges. Company was founded by Philip Stein after WW2 can't find anymore info.

Small German vessel (might be a sugar bowl) with handpainted flower on each side. Stamped "Handgemalt" "C.A.Romhild" and a BB logo I don't recognize. Haven't found any info. yet. (Founded by Siegfried Gramman, in East Germany) I going to guess it's mid 70-80's. 

Porcelain "Melitta 100" coffee filter. Made in Germany, This a smaller version probably for the small coffee pot but could fit over a coffee cup. It's been listed as from the 60's but don't know if that's true. Funny to find a few days after the entire Melitta set.

Flint Figgjo "Daisy"

Italian oil and vinegar glass cruet missing cork stoppers. This came from a family that lived in Finland, Norway and Rome. In addition, picked up the Flint Figgjo of Norway. "Daisy" designed by Turi Gramstad Oliver 1970's. Teapot stamped "1054 Figgio Flameware" Looks as if it was never used. There is a small flea bite in the lid rim but it's barely noticeable. This was an exciting find for me! SOLD

Plus a cobalt blue star shaped votive by Iittala. Just noticed a crack in it. And a cobalt blue glass bird that the owner said was from Finland SOLD. And a glass Madonna icon they said was given to them by a nun in Rome but it's Swedish can't remember the maker.

Also bought a 1934-50 huge mint condition turquoise "El Patio" 17" platter by Gladding McBean of California for $1 but then broke it while paying for it. Can't believe it lasted over 60 years undamaged till it met me! Earlier this week, I broke the door off my 1930's "Sellers" cabinet with my butt, don't ask. I'm a huge klutz and break something at least once a week.

And lastly, a glass Pyrex mushroom jar. I broke my one a few months back. SOLD

Oh, and I missed a large set of those "Harvest" orange & yellow Tupperware sets from the 70's by a few seconds. Not bad for going to the tail end of the sale. Next sale is in the fall, I should really try to get there at 8am.

Gladding McBean "El Patio"

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Score! Today, I Found $100 While Out

Estate - German Family

This is from an estate of a German family. Unfortunately, it wasn't modern German but what I imagine the Black Forest to look like? Everything was very DARK and everything had a tobacco stain to it. Nothing but what you see in pic was brightly colored. No Rosenthal or higher end German items, phoo.

Cute red spice rack. Didn't get the mail sorter/memo piece SOLD. Found the ceramic owl TV lamp in the bedroom. It's signed "LL" "81" SOLD.

Black clamp lamp to help light my photos. Bright orange Turkish pot SOLD. Passed on some paper german nesting eggs prob from the 50-60's, might have been a mistake. Adorable little german tourist cuckoo clock-I forget the maker. SOLD

Sooo cute! 1950's pastel Melitta coffee & tea service. The seller thought her mother brought it over from Germany. Missing pink tea cup and there is no ceramic filter drip. The coffee spout has an interesting hole with a ridge leading back into the pot. Apparently, this is a feature of Melitta ceramic coffee pots that makes the spout drip-proof. Melitta is a German company founded in 1908 with the invention of the drip-brew paper coffee filter. Melitta is the namesake of it's inventor, who also started the business. Signed "Melitta Germany" Pink Melitta teapot is listed as rare.

Thrift - My First German Vase

It's a German week! Stopped by some thrift stores before the German estate sale. Didn't find a lot of things but some real goodies.

My first W. German vase "Jura" by Scheurich. Stamped "232-20" "W.Germany" Was kind of grimey and had to wash it (Hi Dunja) The company was founded in 1954 by Alois Scheurich. Haven't found much info on it yet but certainly love it!

Grass lamp shade. I'm sure, I'll find the lamp for it. Brown Creuset made in France. Don't think it's ever been used. I have an orange one that Mom bought at a car boot sale in London a couple years back.

Rosenthal of Germany
A $4 Rosenthal of Germany "Studio Linie" gold porcelain trinket box. "Quatre Coulerues" designed by Bjorn Wiinblad, 1960 (I have a broken vase in this series.) It was all sticky and yellow grimey before I washed it. I think, I kinda scuffed the gold top. It's listed as rare? This is a fave score for me-I love it!

Vintage glasses. Cause one day I'll eventually find 8 of each. Free Japan rabbit from the German estate.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thrift - 1850-55 Clock Cabinet

Blogger has been down so I'm late posting this.

Seth Thomas "Brass Clock" case. Circa 1850-55. Refitted with shelves and painted white with a glaze. Has original label you can see through the bottom glass pane. For my sisters shop in Dublin. Now, how to carry on plane...

Passed on a small "Pottery Craft" vase cause it have a hairline crack in the top lip.

Thrift - Wow! Lots of Finds!

Things seem to be picking up at thrift stores. Not a shabby day. Carlton cards "Spot of Tea" mug designed by Mary Thelen. Circa 80's to early 90's. Teeny tiny plastic frames made in Taiwan during the 70's for sister.

3 transparent blue Dansk bowl/tray set designed by Gunnar Cyren. Have a black one too. Circa 1970's. Very solid and heavy plastic not the cheapo dollar store stuff you find nowadays. I don't know if these are popular but I hate leaving Dansk behind. For Sale on my Etsy site

Another bullet lamp but it's missing a part don't know if it can be fixed (just sold one on Etsy)

Marimekko's 1975 "Schoolhouse" by Pfaltzgraff mug in mint condition likely never used. Perfect gift for a teacher. Probably by Marimekko's  Japanese artist Katsuji Wakisaka. Believe this to be rare. A very heavy and substantial mug this will keep coffee warm forever. SOLD

Rosti "Margrethe" white mixing bowl was designed in 1950 in honor of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. In good shape though the rubber base has hardened. Signed "Design Sigvard Bernadotte Og Acton Bjorn" 1955. On a side note, Sigvard Bernadotte was the son of King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden and uncle to Queen Margrethe the bowls namesake.

Bjorn Wiinblad illustrated "Juli, Nocturne" wall plate made by Nymolle of Denmark (I have another month too) SOLD

Pyrex "Forest Fancies" bowl. Some chipping to glass lid but I rarely find these in mint condition. I've chipped many by putting in the dishwasher. Don't understand why the bowls are unbreakable but the glass lids chip so easily?

Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of GoodWill frogs before finding something decent. $22 for a huge & heavy Danish teak mirror. Has a few dings and scratches but they mostly oiled out. Bought this exact same danish teak mirror but smaller at an auction a few years ago for $30+.

Other GoodWill finds, pair "Roadrunner, Couroc CA" trays in good condition. They aren't worth much but I like them. Yet another lotus bowl. I will probably put these up for sale on Etsy very soon.

Pair Central Park mugs, they aren't vintage but the illustration are cute SOLD. Corningware Sauce maker but missing strange shaped lid, oops. Found at my Fave thrift store "Blue Bird" Ken Edwards vase SOLD. Passed on a Edwards mug by accident last week and passed on another vase cause it had a brown bird and the signature was hard to decipher.

Small dark cobalt blue globe bowl. Thought it might be Bauer, CA. Just marked "USA c"(copyr) A mystery for me to solve. Bright red sake vase made in Japan SOLD. Have 4 now. It's hard to find one without damage or imperfections to the glaze. Rosenthal of Germany porcelain egg holder, found out it was damaged under the price tag. Black tin Dakota state tray but I don't think it's one of the older ones. Sunset "Scandinavian" cook book 'cause I wanted to look at all the gross recipes.

1970-80's German "People Puzzle" by Pussy. Has fantastic caricatures. I remember slide puzzles being very popular as a child. SOLD. Pair celery green handmade skinny taper candles made by "Creative Candles" of Kansas City, 2006.

Sold Out - Spisa Ribb

Well, Sold Out of the Spisa Ribb tea cups in 2 or 3 weeks. They went much faster than expected! Here's hoping I can find some more in Denmark and Sweden. And how does my sister feel about stuffing her suitcase while there?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thrift - PotteryCraft in the Style of Robert Maxwell

Found this 1970's California ware "PotteryCraft" decanter at the Blindness Thrift. It wasn't cheap but I really liked it. It's never been used, the cork is like new. PotteryCraft closed for business in Compton CA in 1995.

Plus a Danish style teak bird head cork stopper. No makers mark, probably made in Japan. Made in Denmark. In the style of Hans Bolling. The cork smells like blackberry. For Sale on my Etsy site

Friday, May 6, 2011

Put a Bird on It!

The hubby spent a week at a conference in Portland. He loved it. Now I wish I had gone too. Last time I missed seeing the Ann Sacks Tile gallery because I thought it was in NYC.

He brought me back some gifts. For you Portlandia fans "Put a Bird on It" plaque, this is going over the toilet. Smoked salmon because I kept asking about Tillamook salmon. And a tin of "Moonstruck Chocolatier' Almond Sea Salt Bark.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thrift - St. Andrews Abbey Plaque

"Last Supper" St. Andrews Abbey
So I'd been looking at this large ceramic wall plaque at my fave thrift for a few weeks now trying to remember where I'd seen it before and drawn to it's obvious mid century style. Plus, wondering how long before it breaks.

Then one night, I remembered it from St. Andrews Abbey in Valyermo, CA. Designed by Father Maur Van Doorslaer who grew up in Flanders Belgium, he went on to study decorative art in Ghent before entering the monastary. The plaques where designed in 1965 after a visit to study Mexico's folk art. Identified by the large-eyed abstract figures and flat, rough clay used for the handmade pieces. Each section is hand-glazed in different colors. The back is impressed with the abbey's mark.

This particular plaque is a little different from the current design and it's colors are brighter. I would guess to say it's at least 20 years old. It's in excellent condition with the exception of two chips to the bottom rim but they are not very noticeable.

When I returned to the store it was still on the shelf, this never happens for me! For Sale

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thrift - "Erika" Lamp by Noomi Backhausen and Poul Brandborg

Not the best week for thrifting. Walked out of most places empty handed. All the stores were busy, maybe they are hit hard? Plus, I don't know what it was about this week but everything seemed to be from Ikea.

At my fave only picked up a stack of 1960's flash cards. No graphics or pictures except for the math box and the ones lying out. And a small Longaberger basket signed "1986" with nice detailing to the copper handle rivets. 25 years, I guess, these things do last. Probably just go in the bathroom.

"J'aime Paris" (I love Paris) mugs. Made in Staffordshire, England by "Kiln Craft" 1980's. Sold in the first day, huh.

"Erika" series lamp by Noomi Backhausen and Poul Brandborg

Had to rescue this Arabia of Finland "Linnea" bowl with cracked rim. Has a blue leaf border design. Don't know the designer, I suspect, this might have been sold at Crate & Barrel a long time ago?

Here is proof that you shouldn't give up even on the worst & most overpriced thrift stores. Visited the scary warehouse backroom where the furniture is sold. All of it is piled into rubbish heaped mountains of the cheapest & most damaged furniture you could hope for. Spotted the danish stoneware lamp but it was without a price, while waiting for staff, I glanced around at other lamp prices. 80 dollars, 90 dollars, a small glass Ikea (again) lamp with that stupid "hand blown glass" sticker(does it count as handmade if  made by slave workers & are they actual artisans?) marked 30 dollars! Yikes!

So the stoneware lamp belongs to the "Erika" series designed by artists Noomi Backhausen and Poul Brandborg in the early 70's. Stamped "Soholm Stentoj" "Bornholm Denmark" "Handmade" Quite a heavy piece. I'm unfamiliar with this type of harp? Probably will sell this since, I might be able to pack it reasonably well?

Current piece by  Kosta Boda "Atoll Votive" designed by Anna Ehrner. It's very oversized and heavy. They retail for $50. For Sale on my Etsy site

Passed on a Ken Edwards mug since I was unsure about the "KE" signature and if it'd be worth anything, oops. I'm sure, it'll be gone by my next visit.

Also passed on 3 Couroc "Fishing Village" glasses at GoodW. And why does stuff cost twice as much at this location compared to the one by my house?

"Linnea" Arabia of Finland