Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thrift - Buttiki of Sweden

Little Piggy figure for my collection. Probably made in China. Not something I'd usually pick up but the bright colors appealed to me.

Swiss tile company "Laufen." Papercut illustration signed "H.B." The only name I could find associated with HB or Scherenschnitte was Hans Brach. Circa prob. last 10 years. Very much in the style of Rob Ryan. *Update: Saw birch molded trays with these very similar if not the same papercuts, they were made in 1990 in Switzerland. SOLD

Pig Boynton mug. Mother-in-Law just gave me a cat mug the other day. For Sale. And collection of retro cards. For Sale.

Though, I prefer the Swedish painted wood figurines (I don't know what they are called in Swedish) I so rarely find them I can't be choosy. This blonde still has her original gold label "Buttiki of Sweden" and "Handmade" Probably 1970's. She reminds me of a Swedish girl named Anki! So that is now her name. The pair of heavy hand-carved mushrooms are probably Swedish. Love that the shavings are the gills. I have a mystery figurine very similar to this too.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mom's Estate - Finnish Marthas

Mom gave me some stuff. Some from an estate sale and just some of her old stuff.

Mom's old green lemonade juice jar. SOLD

1945 "Finnish Marthas" book that is based on a pre-war movie. Hopefully, I'll be able to post some pictures of the book. Black lacquered tray with gold road runner from Japan. Mom's old red enameled peculator. Refridgrator tin not sure if it's vintage? Mom's flowered biscuit tin. Huge wooden spoon that I've wanting for ages for mixing cookie dough. Cheese tray by Couroc of Montery of California.

Owl tea light, made in Japan. SOLD

Snowball tea light that is a copy of the Boda snowball.

Thrift - Yuck! Fur

Mink collar I found for my sister at the bottom of a bin. In good knick but going into the freezer. SO Gross!

Found all of the following at my Fave thrift store. Heller white plastic ice bucket by Italian designer Sergio Asti. I have a yellow one but it has a crack. Circa 1970's. SOLD Unsigned little pottery piece with interesting green & metallic glaze. Probably nothing special.

Digsmed of Denmark teak & brass nutcracker. I didn't realize until getting home it come with a teak nut-board. Which I find a week later. SOLD Yet another blueplate from Denmark. I don't know why I pick these up? Made by Desiree designed by Mads Stage depicting Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen" Company now defunct.

One of my favorite finds is this little wood apple money bank & it still has the key. Made by "Vilas" their banks are usually brightly lacquered red & yellow apples, pears, owls, and mushrooms. It's strange that this one is unfinished SOLD.

I can't resist German pottery even if it isn't even my style. White bisque Dogwood vase made by Kaiser of Germany, designed by artist Michaela Frey. Numbered 652/7. Circa 1970's. Kaiser made really cool Op Art vases too. SOLD.

3D textured stoneware pot signed "Freud" (pictured below) It has a glorious translucent turquoise glaze on the interior. Late 1960-1970's. Tiny hand painted wood clogs from the Netherlands. Circa 1950-50's. Set of 10 wood and brass rivet hor d'ourves forks. Just cleaned & oiled. SOLD.

Gifts from Mom-In-Law

This is a terrible photo. Here are some things my hubbies mom gave me to keep, donate or sell.
1976 Bicentennial linen calendar towel. Great graphics! I put it up in my hubbies office with all his Civil War crap.

1986 Harvest calendar linen towel with packaging. Never used 3D Cardinal mug. Prob. made in Japan. Some Chinese Dragon Horse things from Taiwan that went straight to the thrift store. Boyton cat mug-never used.

1989 Jerry Gray Show mug with interesting graphics & never used. Other side has a train and when hot water is added to the mug the graphic changes. Just might keep this one.

Thrift - Melitta Coffee Pot & Fred Press

Catching up on this blog so I won't spend a lot of time on the details. This was an exciting thrift day for me as I acquired many items for myself. Five 1950's Fred Press "Gold Fish" glasses for myself (already have the highball set) A second white Rosti, Denmark mixing bowl designed by Sigvard Bernadotte. Suppose, I'll eventually sell this since, I don't need two the same size and color.

A white Melitta porcelain coffee pot probably from the 1960-70's. Plus, a porcelain Melitta 102 coffee filter. I found an entire set from the 1950's a few months ago.

Green & yellow Rosti Mepal serving spoons. Set of three "Shenandoah" Pyrex mixing bowl that is missing the largest bowl. Gold "Cape Cod" glass in mint condition.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thrift - Edna Arnow Potato

Somewhat busy week thrifting. Had a few finds I really love; Russel Wright, Arnow vase and the Ben Seibel dish. Found a apple and strawberry textile remnant for Julia. Why do I love fondue pots, it's a question I can't answer. Yellow fondue pot complete with forks.  Made by "Styson Servo" Made in Japan in excellent condition SOLD.

Super Smurf mug. Made by Wallace Berrie, 1981, Korea. SOLD 

Vintage Dutch Masters cigars tin. Has holes in the bottom but I love the graphics. Dansk glass bowl SOLD. Fondue & Buffet cookbook.

Carl Lendinara, photo courtesy of Mike Kaplan

Six enameled teak coasters. Made in Denmark. SOLD These are attributed to Carl Lendinara designed by Ben Seibel.

Three salad plates by Russel Wright in yellow and grey. With matched celery plate, just noticed a small recent chip. Gave to Mom as they match one of her Russell Wright pots.

Newer orange Fiesta plate by Homer Laughlin. Another Pyrex divided dish in "Gold Acorn"pattern. Yellow glass square refrigerator dish with lid. Anchor Hocking highly collectible Snoopy mug. I missed out on one a few months back. SOLD

Pictured above a rare white plastic box designed by Makio Hasuike. Made by Gedy in Italy. Circa 1972-77. SOLD

Weird sculptural potato rock (Ikebana) vase by Edna Arnow for $2.75. I found out she was very popular with floral designers and without a doubt this is one of those pieces. I also have a large lidded pot by her. How much to you want to bet the damage to the edges where made at the thrift store? Circa probably 1965.

Green Finland vase with gold detailing. The "Arabia" is crossed out and replaced with T.P. making me think this was used as a blank. Dated 12-1967.

My first piece of Ben Seibel by Mikasa Potters Art. Only found the butter dish but the rest of the set could have been bought up while I was on vacation? Plus, a 1980 yellow Cuisinart Classic for myself since the current one likes to spray food everywhere.

Edna Arnow

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thrift - Cathrineholm Fondue

This is actually from a month ago, but I hadn't time to update my blog before vacation and I'm not going to send much time on it. 10 Dorothy Thorpe high balls glasses with sterling silver bands made popular by the TV show "Mad Men" Thorpe was a California decorator from the 1930-50's.

Deep loaf pan 1975 SOLD. Glass bakeware designed by Vignelli Associates (Massimo and Lella Vignelli) for Heller. First time, I've ever found these.

Bright yellow plastic Rolodex from the 1980's. Never used. SOLD. Very thin glass bird nut dispenser. I've seen these before but can't remember where? SOLD

Nickel plated twisted candlebra by Dansk.

Brown glazed Dansk vase by ceramist Niels Refsgaard. Circa 1977. Made in Japan. I have an off white one too. Even if these don't sell I won't be disappointed because I'd rather almost keep them. Both SOLD

3 boxes of Dansk Tiny Tapers (super thin) candles. Never used. I have a growing collection. Considering selling some when the weather cools down. SOLD.

Catherineholm of Norway fondue pot. Unfortunately, missing the base. This is the first time I've ever seen CHolm at thrift. They must have been popular in CA but not on the east coast. SOLD

My second Boda of Sweden "Snowball" designed by Ann Wärff in 1973 for myself. Small orange enameled Turkish pot made in Poland SOLD. Native American school S&P from the 1970's (have two sets now.) Swedish cheese slicer. Sold

Stavangerflint of Norway mint condition bowl & plate. Illustrated by Kari Nyquist. Circa 1955-68. Hopefully, mom can get the blue set that comes with a cup too. Orange Tackett saucer. Found a blue demitasse cup a few weeks before that was missing saucer.

When I saw these I couldn't resist. Series of 1960-70's German wood cutouts of European fairytales. My fave is the Gnomes with hooks. A few of them are marked "Mertens Kunst" All bought at the Frankfurt store "Papier Kraemer" in Germany. For sale on my Etsy site

Paid waaaay too much for a huge Rosenthal vase from the late 80-90's. But I'm keeping it for myself. Signed W. Bauer. One day the 90's will come back.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Karl Fazer Chocolate

While I was in the Copenhagen airport, I managed to pick up a Karl Fazer hazelnut milk chocolate bar at duty free. It's made in Finland. Who was keeping this a secret? It's absolutely packed with nuts and is deliciously creamy. Where will I ever find more?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Birthday - Victorian Jet Snake Bracelet

Birthday present from my sister as modeled by my sis-in-law. Victorian Jet snake bracelet. I love the black heart dangle. I'm a little afraid to wear it. One good whack and the bracelet would be in a million pieces.