Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thrift - Edna Arnow Potato

Somewhat busy week thrifting. Had a few finds I really love; Russel Wright, Arnow vase and the Ben Seibel dish. Found a apple and strawberry textile remnant for Julia. Why do I love fondue pots, it's a question I can't answer. Yellow fondue pot complete with forks.  Made by "Styson Servo" Made in Japan in excellent condition SOLD.

Super Smurf mug. Made by Wallace Berrie, 1981, Korea. SOLD 

Vintage Dutch Masters cigars tin. Has holes in the bottom but I love the graphics. Dansk glass bowl SOLD. Fondue & Buffet cookbook.

Carl Lendinara, photo courtesy of Mike Kaplan

Six enameled teak coasters. Made in Denmark. SOLD These are attributed to Carl Lendinara designed by Ben Seibel.

Three salad plates by Russel Wright in yellow and grey. With matched celery plate, just noticed a small recent chip. Gave to Mom as they match one of her Russell Wright pots.

Newer orange Fiesta plate by Homer Laughlin. Another Pyrex divided dish in "Gold Acorn"pattern. Yellow glass square refrigerator dish with lid. Anchor Hocking highly collectible Snoopy mug. I missed out on one a few months back. SOLD

Pictured above a rare white plastic box designed by Makio Hasuike. Made by Gedy in Italy. Circa 1972-77. SOLD

Weird sculptural potato rock (Ikebana) vase by Edna Arnow for $2.75. I found out she was very popular with floral designers and without a doubt this is one of those pieces. I also have a large lidded pot by her. How much to you want to bet the damage to the edges where made at the thrift store? Circa probably 1965.

Green Finland vase with gold detailing. The "Arabia" is crossed out and replaced with T.P. making me think this was used as a blank. Dated 12-1967.

My first piece of Ben Seibel by Mikasa Potters Art. Only found the butter dish but the rest of the set could have been bought up while I was on vacation? Plus, a 1980 yellow Cuisinart Classic for myself since the current one likes to spray food everywhere.

Edna Arnow

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