Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thrift - Buttiki of Sweden

Little Piggy figure for my collection. Probably made in China. Not something I'd usually pick up but the bright colors appealed to me.

Swiss tile company "Laufen." Papercut illustration signed "H.B." The only name I could find associated with HB or Scherenschnitte was Hans Brach. Circa prob. last 10 years. Very much in the style of Rob Ryan. *Update: Saw birch molded trays with these very similar if not the same papercuts, they were made in 1990 in Switzerland. SOLD

Pig Boynton mug. Mother-in-Law just gave me a cat mug the other day. For Sale. And collection of retro cards. For Sale.

Though, I prefer the Swedish painted wood figurines (I don't know what they are called in Swedish) I so rarely find them I can't be choosy. This blonde still has her original gold label "Buttiki of Sweden" and "Handmade" Probably 1970's. She reminds me of a Swedish girl named Anki! So that is now her name. The pair of heavy hand-carved mushrooms are probably Swedish. Love that the shavings are the gills. I have a mystery figurine very similar to this too.

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