Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thrift - Melitta Coffee Pot & Fred Press

Catching up on this blog so I won't spend a lot of time on the details. This was an exciting thrift day for me as I acquired many items for myself. Five 1950's Fred Press "Gold Fish" glasses for myself (already have the highball set) A second white Rosti, Denmark mixing bowl designed by Sigvard Bernadotte. Suppose, I'll eventually sell this since, I don't need two the same size and color.

A white Melitta porcelain coffee pot probably from the 1960-70's. Plus, a porcelain Melitta 102 coffee filter. I found an entire set from the 1950's a few months ago.

Green & yellow Rosti Mepal serving spoons. Set of three "Shenandoah" Pyrex mixing bowl that is missing the largest bowl. Gold "Cape Cod" glass in mint condition.

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  1. Love your Melitta. Just found my second one, both without the cone filters unfortunately!