Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thrift - Cathrineholm Fondue

This is actually from a month ago, but I hadn't time to update my blog before vacation and I'm not going to send much time on it. 10 Dorothy Thorpe high balls glasses with sterling silver bands made popular by the TV show "Mad Men" Thorpe was a California decorator from the 1930-50's.

Deep loaf pan 1975 SOLD. Glass bakeware designed by Vignelli Associates (Massimo and Lella Vignelli) for Heller. First time, I've ever found these.

Bright yellow plastic Rolodex from the 1980's. Never used. SOLD. Very thin glass bird nut dispenser. I've seen these before but can't remember where? SOLD

Nickel plated twisted candlebra by Dansk.

Brown glazed Dansk vase by ceramist Niels Refsgaard. Circa 1977. Made in Japan. I have an off white one too. Even if these don't sell I won't be disappointed because I'd rather almost keep them. Both SOLD

3 boxes of Dansk Tiny Tapers (super thin) candles. Never used. I have a growing collection. Considering selling some when the weather cools down. SOLD.

Catherineholm of Norway fondue pot. Unfortunately, missing the base. This is the first time I've ever seen CHolm at thrift. They must have been popular in CA but not on the east coast. SOLD

My second Boda of Sweden "Snowball" designed by Ann Wärff in 1973 for myself. Small orange enameled Turkish pot made in Poland SOLD. Native American school S&P from the 1970's (have two sets now.) Swedish cheese slicer. Sold

Stavangerflint of Norway mint condition bowl & plate. Illustrated by Kari Nyquist. Circa 1955-68. Hopefully, mom can get the blue set that comes with a cup too. Orange Tackett saucer. Found a blue demitasse cup a few weeks before that was missing saucer.

When I saw these I couldn't resist. Series of 1960-70's German wood cutouts of European fairytales. My fave is the Gnomes with hooks. A few of them are marked "Mertens Kunst" All bought at the Frankfurt store "Papier Kraemer" in Germany. For sale on my Etsy site

Paid waaaay too much for a huge Rosenthal vase from the late 80-90's. But I'm keeping it for myself. Signed W. Bauer. One day the 90's will come back.

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