Thursday, September 13, 2012

Estate - Excuse Me, Do I Look Retarded?

So I actually went to this estate sale early but was caught in commuter and construction traffic for almost an hour. Missed the other primary Pyrex set, jadite pour bowl and some small Norway enameled bowls. This sale mentioned tools and it was mostly men going hog wild throwing things about. People must like to buy old cans of paint?

A new in the box Danish candle holder that is wonderfully crafted and designed SOLD. There are sparkles in the metal and I'm very tempted to keep it. Another wood elephant, my 4th. My first primary Pyrex bowl set. A very cute pull ornament of an alpine skier in sweater and winter cap, made in Austria SOLD. Picked up another damn large green stamp Chemex again SOLD (I'm afraid to count the numbers)! For some reason its now raining these suckers. This one has the optional lid.

Excuse my following rant. The estate sale was just an omen for how the rest of the day would proceed. At my dermatologist office (I never met a derm. there either) I was informed my rate of $175 would double to $350. Evidently, if you give a silent deadpan stare at someone trying to; how do you kindly say "bend you over..." it makes them very nervous! The sales lady tried to give me this story of what a wonderful gift I had been given for all these years (the $175 rate) and I should be appreciative and now gladly pay $350 for a 20 minute visit. Do I appear to be some 6th grade edu-ma-cated bum hick that fell off the turnip truck? Since when are you running a charity and not a business, telling me I should be grateful for paying $175 for a 20 minute visit with an esthetician. Your account and business manager allow you to undercharge people? I assume you offer Botox, dermabrasion and plastic surgery out of the goodness of your heart? Bleh bleh with your bullshit lies, shovel that crap to some other retard 'cause it ain't me.

After the derm. I bombed at several thrifts where I usually find something. Picked a green primary Pyrex bowl (I know, I know, no more Pyrex) and a 1966 1st edition Joan Walsh Anglund book, I have a soft spot for her illustrations. The little Anglund frame was found in a Cape Cod thrift.

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  1. The little ski guy is so great. I love your thrift finds, nice blog! Greetings from Germany!