Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thrift - Estate Bomb

What was promised as an estate sale with mid century Danish furniture turned out to be early 90s Danish with retail prices. No dealers present means they must by quite familiar with the auction house that runs this particular estate sale and the high prices (hint, they are the same auction house selling the Renoir found at a W. VA flea market for a $20 or something.) All I picked up was a $5 Bodum coffee maker since I kinda ruined the last one, don't ask, it was gross!

Stopped by 3 thrifts and bought Far Side SOLD, Boynton and Christmas mugs. Yes, I know, I don't need more mugs. Six Dorothy Thorpe style lucite napkin holders, loving these! Swedish tomte figure SOLD and a silk horse farm scarf for the sis. Did enjoy a scene of a country boy ragging out one thrift for their high prices, I mean 8 bucks for a mug, whatever?

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  1. You are good for always picking up the scarves for your sister :)