Saturday, September 15, 2012

Thrift - Don't Have To Eat My Shoe...Yet

My fave thrift had their fall reopening this morning and it was cray-cray! Guess, people wanted to get first crack on the new clothing, I don't have the patience to sift through loads of shirts. Shelves were empty since they were cleaned out. Did enjoy wandering around looking at my donations and the prices, yep things have gone up. I'm always amused to see a higher price than what I paid for it.

At the old biddy shop I chuckled at the $750 1st Dibs jewelery box. Really! Who goes to a thrift store to spend $750 on a box, when as my mom pointed out, they can get jewelry for that. Guess, I won't have to eat my shoe this week. They had added several new items with high listings. But if people buy and the money goes charity, one can't complain too much. I'll try and take pictures next time as I find this ever so amusing. Did pick up a Tonala owl SOLD and a Sandra Boynton card.

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