Friday, September 7, 2012

Thrift - Portland Maine & Cape Cod

These are from three thrifts in Portland, Maine and one in Cape Cod. Isn't it crazy, I find more scandi in the north than in a year down south. The CatherineHolm Lotus pan SOLD was just laying on a shelf at GWill along with a pair of Sears mushroom canisters (on left) Found a second wood Viking SOLD. Plus a silk ballerina and a tourist Bahama scarf for the sis.

In Cape Cod picked up the Arabia Finland strawberry jar and four ceramic mushroom canisters (some mushroom thing going on, left a red mushroom cutting board due to damage). At the few thrifts we stopped in, I was hoping rich people donated items ... apparently that is crazy thinking!

We stopped in tons of antique stores in Cape Cod. It made me realize everything on Etsy is a super deal! Have I said that already? Click here to visit my Etsy store!

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