Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thrift - Sell Your Poop Art Here

More tins ... and some mugs ... Marimekko Christmas mug the other one was cracked, sadness. Christmas mug (I have a bunch of these somewhere) and a bright Taylor & Ng Christmas mug. Large T.G. Greene "Spectrum" sugar jar from England - the cork top needs a little help (thanks Sabvintagehome). A vintage poodle dish by Houze Art.

What! Yes that's another Boda Snowball (makes #16) I don't find much Scandi but Snowballs sure love me! I'm thinking the glass maybe iittala reminds me of "i-series" with it's very thin walls and base it better not be Ikea! The other matching glass was chipped even thought the thrift biddy tried to convince me I could file the large chip down.

Six panels of Poop Art for $75. I should sell my Poop Art too.


  1. Poodle is cuter than your usual little stalker trays. That done Poop Art!