Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thrift - Once Again GoodWill Is Smoking The Crack Pipe

 Found this little chipped Marianne Westman "Picknick" Rorstrand of Sweden porcelain piece. It's missing its lid as well but thought I'd add it to the few pieces of my collection. Love the blue packaging for the unused Swedish candle chimes and candles unfortunately GoodW put tape on it SOLD.

Some teak coasters SOLD. A little Putz German house. A Butticki figure from Sweden SOLD. And a nursery musical lamp.

Sadly passed on the Wendt Kuhn organ as it was missing all the angels and the music box was broken - gone by the following week. Passed on the trio of Tiki Libbey glasses even though I thought they were cool - gone by the following week.

Here are some crazy prices on stuff at GoodW. $350 for a trunk worth it cause it's $1000 on Ebay? It was gone the next week. Nope, it's still there stuffed in a corner.

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