Monday, May 20, 2013

Thrift - Apparently You Have To Be Rich To Shop At GoodWill

After dropping poop off at the vet stopped by a GoodW. Found some more wildlife glasses while I have many bears the owls will be new to our collection. Might have to thin out the set at home as this makes 15. They are very popular with the menfolk and are suited for any man cave.

Found a tiny Ultima Thule creamer, looked and looked for the sugar but I'm assuming the creamer was donated cause the sugar broke. Here's hoping I didn't miss the motherload that came in earlier.

Love the mod Thomas (later bought by Rosenthal Germany) tableset. Each teapot was $30. Each taped stack was $70. I priced out the large set at over $450. Who goes to GoodWill to spend that kind of $$$ on tableware? Is it just me or is that price just ridiculous?

Lots of Christmas at GoodWill!

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  1. The thrift stores have wised up and started doing their homework. I guess they figure they can do more good works if they ask a good price for some of their valuable donations, rather than letting resellers like us make all the profit. We got spoiled to picking up things for pennies and cashing in. I think those days are mostly over.