Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Thrift - My Mug Disease

Think I'm falling behind on my blog. Just a quick one today. At GoodW found four Ralph Lauren Polo mugs. You might remember that a few months ago I found four RL Tartan Wedgewood mugs and have finally listed them in my Etsy store. What I instantly fell in love with are these Mamma & Pappa Pizza shakers, they are unsigned but ever so adorable SOLD. I haven't been able to find any info but if you know something please leave a comment.

Passed on this chippy owl mug tree, plus, it weighed a ton and was missing mugs but I've never seen anything like it. You will be proud of me as I passed on more two mugs.

At my fave thrift store picked up four more Campbell's Kids mugs, SOLD I recently sold four in my store. The Boda snowball is a victim of the thrift store, someone dropped it because I dusted of the crushed glass chips. It's going into my snowball collection (14 now) they make a crazy winter scape on the table. Passed on yellow lotus bowls cause I just can't sell them and a Kromex kitchen canister set maybe by Lax?

This store usually brings out of baskets of donated bread, lets see how does one describe pigs at a trough? The manager had to yell out "Take only one or two" as people descended on the bread like a plight of locusts (why didn't I remember to take a photo?) I stood on looking as an ancient couple stuffed loaves and loaves into their backpack. So gross. Can you imagine if this country ever had a food shortage?

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