Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Thrift - Iceland Wool Throw

Finally decided to go thrifting after a short break. My best find by far is the wool Iceland throw found on the way out and most likely a keeper. The tag has been removed but I'm guessing it's a tourist item. Some large Tupperware cups. An unusual round puzzle from 1976. A Penn. Dutch pretzel tin.

And at the old biddy shop found a small Aquarius poster that I couldn't resist SOLD.

Below are items I passed. Love finding Marimekko mugs but sadly the handle was cracked. My thrifts mark anything vintage with a high price tag, see the Eva Zeisel teapot tagged "Rare $25" with a large chip in the lid (must have sold cause it was gone the next time I went. Nope it's July and it's still there.) Even perfect it's not a deal at that price. A monster lava glazed lamp that was damaged in several places and in my opinion, ugly (but it sold).

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