Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thrift - Just Cause You Pile A Bunch Of Crap Together With A Glue Gun Does Not Make You An Artist

Thought I had a dentist appointment this morning so I rushed through the thrift without checking the price tags on anything-oops! I also went an hour and a half after opening probably to late but I was still surprised to find these items. This is my third Kaiser Germany white bisque vase by Michaela Frey SOLD. This company did produce some really nice Op-Art/modernist vases I've just never seen them in the States perhaps cause we prefer item decorated with flowers and glitter.

Here is a the disaster I was referring to in the title - where apparently taking a pair of WEHA-Kunst figures and err ... artistically glue gunning em to the top of a cheap plastic music box allows you to put a label on it saying "Designed by Francine" SOLD.

You can see that my mug addiction is still healthy, at first I thought the frog was a Taylor & Ng but I still like it SOLD. The yellow gunk washed off after a good soak. A ladybug mug. My other addiction and yes, I'm rolling my eyes, is a English sugar tin. A small chickadee copper enamel plate by popular nature artist Norman Brumm of Michigan unfortunately with 2 small chips SOLD

More tins in the bottom photo. A Laurel Burch mug SOLD. Couroc owl tray and a log nut bowl. 

Oh before I forget someone at the thrift store stopped me and asked if I wrote a blog. It was a very weird sensation and I haven't a clue how she recognized me? But it was nice to meet Mischa "Hi" and I'm thrilled that someone actually reads my blog.

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