Monday, March 11, 2013

Thrift - It's A Mug Kinda Day

Stopped by 10 thrifts today after picking up my monster painting and sideboard (a future post).

Everything was found at one GWill except the Starbucks Pike Place and two brightly illustrated Christmas mugs. It's my first cache of Starbucks mugs (seven in one location). I was surprised no one had snatched them up?

It's been well over a year since I have found a Big Hug Mug SOLD. Pictured is a Disney Park mug, four 1970s Dunoon Scotland fox mugs SOLD and two holiday mugs (forgot the illustrator on these.)

Found my first Kaj Franck decorated pitcher in the "wild" which unfortunately has a new chip on the lip SOLD. Berggren Dala tile which always sell well around Christmas. Six unmarked teak coasters that were spendy so hopefully I can make some money off of them SOLD.

Nothing really vintage but I'm pleased with all the Starbucks mugs.

Below are the things I passed. A pair of paintings by J. Walsh for $299 each! Steve describes my thrifts as having "cajones" I agree with a few other choice words thrown in there. Love red Polish enamelware but at $20 for the lot - it just isn't thrift priced.

Liked the form of the glasses but not crazy about the color, decanter was missing stopper (if anyone recognizes this form please leave a comment).

I'm always surprised that Garfield doesn't sell? It was hard for me to pass the rainbow mugs but one had some scratches to image. Didn't want to pass the Audrey Christie rabbit mug but there where just to many grey scratches. And I just liked the cardinal mug but know nothing about it.


  1. The cardinal mug reminds me a wee bit of Charley Harper's cardinals, although it's a bit more decorative. I dream of finding a Kaj Franck pitcher in the wild! Someday, perhaps!

  2. how might i acquire the BIG HUG MUG?