Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thrift & Rummage: Text Lovers Jar

Went down the street to a Synagogue rummage sale this morning with high hopes. Bleh, rubbish sale. My neighborhood just doesn't have money or old people. As I like to say-everyone buys a big house to fill with IKEA. Funny cause everyone thinks they are rich/well-off but I don't think rich people fill their house with Target and discount furniture. Am I being snarky, cause I get annoyed with people who lease their beamers and rent? Well, that was off topic.

I passed on a Brutalist Wainberg Menorah for $10 too much that had a wonky arm. The only thing I found at the empty rummage sale was this Jalapeno text jar.

A visit to GWill the previous day yielded 4 Dansk candleholders SOLD (passed on one chipped) and a lone Blenko bookend SOLD.


  1. I have a pair of those Blenko bookends, but mine are clear glass.

  2. So sad to break things, I drop an ugly hippo from the upper shelf right onto an Arabia pitcher that I was getting ready to photograph! The pain!!! I pass on the dansk candle holders now, they take for ever to sell at my shop! I really like the jalapeƱos jar and the Blenko.

    1. I agree about the candleholders but I get so excited seeing Dansk (rare in the area) that I can't resist. Sorry about the Arabia :( I would have cried.