Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thrift Part II - Artemide Globes

My old biddie thrift was 1/2 off today and it was crazy crowded at 10:30 in the morning! Before even walking through the doors I glanced in the Free Pile and what did I see? Two minimalist Dioscuri hand-blown & acid-etched glass globes. These lovelies were designed in 2000 by Michele De Lucchi & made in Italy by Artemide. They need some cleaning but hopefully, Shapoopy can replace our cheapo Home Depot bug-catcher stairwell lights with these beauts.

Also picked up a pair yellow gooseberry Pyrex bowls SOLD (sigh, I shouldn't buy Pyrex anymore unless its one of the few desirable patterns or in mint condition) Some Swedish style fabric tape. A tiny little Anni 01 Iittala frosted vase designed by Jorma Vennola SOLD. Prob. dates 1970-74 (triangle label was used until 1974)

Thomas(Rosenthal) Germany white tea pot. Continental China was originally designed by Raymond Loewy in 1951 for Rosenthal SOLD. I suspect this is a later production. The lady said they had the tea cups still in the back, hopefully, I can find them tomorrow. Dang, they said they sold em! And an abstract violet fish batik fabric.

Above is a Swedish batik Skord (Harvest) signed Ilse (Swedish textile artist and ceramicist Ilse Roempke aka Ilse Claeson. Besides being known for her textiles, she was also a ceramist at Rörstrand between 1926 and 1938) and an Egyptian batik signed A. Akar. Still need to see if some information can be found on these two. Mom kindly offered to wash these guys for me too.

And how could I resist the large Vernor Panton-esque Op-Art fabric frame. Very 70s. Now to convince Shapoopy to hang it above the orange velvet sofa.

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  1. I need a picture of the sofa. :)
    What a gorgeous painting!